Fight the summer’s heat with these wonderful foods

Summer is the time for us to have the time of our lives with friends and family, but the heat of summer and dehydration can make it difficult for you to have fun with your loved ones in the summer.

Having fun in the summer is the thing that every one of us wants but the heat can stop us from having fun. Many people usually resort to drinking a lot of water to cool yourself down but how about you let us, Illume-eMag, suggest to you some alternative food to help cool yourself down?

Tomato juice

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Tomato is a familiar fruit used as food, contains a lot of vitamin A. According to Oriental medicine, tomatoes are average, sour, slightly sweet, have the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, fighting thirst, helping to clear urine. and digestion. You just need to take about 3 tomatoes, wash, cut into pieces, put in the juicer. Then, add ice, just enough honey, stir well to use.

Pennywort juice

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Gotu kola has a sweet taste, has heat-clearing, detoxifying, and diuretic effects. Often used in cases of fever, boils, heat rash, cough …. Daily use 30 – 50g fresh centella asiatica, washed thoroughly, then crushed or pureed, squeezed juice mixed drink. You can cook gotu kola soup to eat or cook to drink instead of tea during the day.

Orange and lemon juice

food for summer illume 1Oranges and lemons are two types of fruit that have the effect of reducing heat, refreshing the body, and used to treat heat-related diseases. A glass of orange juice or sugary lemonade on hot summer days will help the body cool down. This is the most effective way to cool down the body in the summer.

Coconut water

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Coconut water is one of the popular soft drinks, very good for health. You can drink coconut water directly or buy coconut, get water, scrape the pulp, add a little sugar and ice if you like. Thus, you have a delicious and nutritious beverage in the summer. Coconut is the fastest natural body cooling drink.


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Pumpkin is an indispensable food in the list of summer body cooling foods. This fruit has a sweet taste, cool properties, has the effect of clearing heat, solving tests, renewing, only thirst. You can use squash to cook shrimp soup, crab soup to cool down. These dishes are extremely beneficial for people who are obese and have difficulty urinating. With squash cooked with fish or red beans that are very good to eat, you will quickly say goodbye to the difficulty urinating that makes you so miserable.

Pineapple artichoke juice

Pineapple artichoke juice helps to purify the liver, regulate the circulation of bile, improve digestion and reduce blood fat. To cook this type of water, you need about 5 fresh artichoke flowers, 1 bunch of fresh pandan leaves, 2 rock sugar tablets and 3 liters of water. Cotton artichoke washed, remove the stem; tied pandan leaves, then put both artichokes and pandan leaves in the stew pot for about half an hour. Then, cover the pot with water and incubate like this for about 6 hours to soften the cotton and release all the sweetness.


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Thanks to its high protein content, yogurt is a nutritious summer snack. Yogurt also helps your body feel less hungry, so avoid eating lots of grilled meats or high-salt, high-calorie snacks. You should choose low-fat yogurt because it contains twice the protein content of conventional products. In addition, yogurt also contains probiotics, which are bacteria that help improve the digestive system to work properly. You can combine yogurt with fresh fruits to have an attractive dish for summer.

Bitter melon

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In traditional medicine, bitter melon (bitter melon) has a bitter taste, cool properties, clears heat and increases the body’s resistance. Bitter gourd water cures boils, heat rash, rashes – common problems encountered in the hot summer. You can thinly slice the melon and then dry it, to steep it with hot water like drinking tea. If it is difficult to drink because it is bitter, you can add rock sugar to soften the taste. In addition to drinking, you can process bitter melon into dishes such as stir-fried bitter melon with beef, stuffed with steamed meat or cooked with bone soup.

Black bean juice

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Black beans contain high levels of protein, lipid, glucide and many essential amino acids that are good for the body. Not only that, black beans also contain many important vitamins such as vitamin A 5mg, B1 0.5mg, B2 0.21mg. Using black beans in addition to cooling also helps the skin to be beautiful and smooth. In addition to the usual cooking method, which is simmering to drink, you can brew black bean juice like brewing tea. Just wash the black beans, roast them and store them tightly. For each drink, put a little black beans in a glass of hot water and soak for 7 minutes. Black bean juice prepared in this way also has a cooling effect on the liver, diuretic, and heat dissipation.

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