Sindee Ngô: An inspirational journey of self-improvement

Aside from her beauty and talent, Mrs Asia USA Glamour 2023, Sindee Ngô, embodies the “American dream” through her benevolence and generosity in the most inspirational way.

The journey in pursuit of the “American Dream”

At the young age of immigrating with her family to the U.S., Sindee was fortunate to grow and thrive in favorable surroundings. Quickly understanding the core values of the “American dream”. That success is attainable through the cultivation of skill and dedicated efforts, she transitioned from her studies in psychology and political science to seize a promising role in the finance sector.

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Sindee Ngô recalled that during that time, a major Utah bank was on the lookout for an account manager proficient in English and Vietnamese to build up the local Vietnamese community. Outshining numerous applicants, she demonstrated her suitability for the role and has since led branch management for eight years. Despite her financial background, she earned immense respect from both her superiors and peers.

With her extensive experience in the financial sector, Sindee Ngô acquired profound expertise, surpassing many who initially specialized in the field. This achievement propelled her to aspire to greater heights in her career. Recognizing the importance of not only generating income but also ensuring its protection, she opted to enhance her skills within the realms of finance and insurance.

In mid-2021, Sindee established a finance and insurance agency affiliated with the National Life Group in Houston. Specializing in comprehensive life insurance, the company offers diverse solutions that provide benefits during one’s lifetime, in times of illness, and beyond. Additionally, her seasoned team offers clear retirement savings strategies, college savings plans, aiding families in preparing for future milestones like education, first homes, weddings, and unforeseen challenges such as serious illnesses or unfortunate events.

Embarking on a journey of self-improvement 

Sindee Ngô aspires that her endeavors can enlighten others about the crucial role of finance and insurance in our lives.

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Sindee Ngô stated, “Whether single, married, or a parent, financial security through insurance significantly enhances life’s security. For those providing the primary income for their families, investing in comprehensive insurance becomes imperative.”

Having been provided opportunities in the field based on her accomplishments, Sindee Ngô is committed to creating avenues for others in similar situations. She eagerly shares her expertise and experiences, aspiring to mentor individuals genuinely interested in pursuing careers in finance and insurance.

She shared, “Beyond gathering knowledge and experience for my growth, sharing with others has also enriched me, allowing me to evolve into a better version of myself.”

“Emerging as the beacon of inspiration for greater aspirations”

In discussing her journey to winning Mrs Asia Glamour 2023 in the Miss Asia USA 2023 competition, Sindee shared that her participation was a tribute to her late mother, showcasing her pride in embodying such strength. Moreover, the contest offered her a chance to expand her connections, acquire new insights, and discover a refined version of herself throughout the journey of growth.

Prior to being Mrs USA Asia Glamour, she earned the title of Miss Vietnam Utah in 2007. During that period, she was deeply involved in community initiatives in Utah and was honored with the position of Vice President of the Vietnamese community in the state.

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Sindee shared her life mantra: “Be an inspiration for the better“. She is a believer that genuine values not only serve a momentary purpose but also evolve into timeless sources of inspiration, motivating many to pursue ever-improving standards.

She highlighted, “Should I excel during my reign as Mrs USA Asia Glamour, my hope is that the upcoming contestants strive even higher in their quest for this esteemed title. My desire is to serve as an inspiration and catalyst for their aspirations.

Discussing her initiatives during her tenure, she emphasized her commitment to community engagements throughout the United States. She believes that community involvement is a paramount duty for a beauty titleholder. She recently collaborated with her team to visit an orphanage, extending their support. Furthermore, she looks forward to an opportunity to revisit Vietnam to initiate philanthropic campaigns in her homeland.

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When asked about future marriage plans, she gracefully shared her belief in letting life’s journey unfold organically. With a passionate commitment to her career and community, she embodies the spirit of embracing the present while eagerly anticipating the promising horizons ahead.

Starring model: Sindee Ngo 

Stylist: Tommy Le 

Photo: Huy Khiêm 

Make up: Jacky Tai

Costume: 3T Fabulous & Co

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