The Pentagon is about to blacklist four Chinese companies

Reuters on November 21, citing sources, said the addition of Chinese companies to the blacklist could take place this week or next week. However, no name has yet been revealed.
If implemented, this list will be raised to 35 companies, including major companies such as Hikvision, China Telecom, China Mobile.
According to Reuters, the US enacted a law in 1999 that required the Pentagon to compile a list of companies owned or controlled by the Chinese military, but this list would only be compiled in 2020.

The Pentagon is about to blacklist four Chinese companies
The Pentagon’s blacklist of military-related Chinese companies is likely to be extended

This is part of a US effort to prevent Chinese companies from operating under civilian guise but acquiring new technology for military purposes.
In September, the US Commerce Department banned exports to China’s largest electronic chip maker SMIC because there is a high risk that US-supplied equipment will be used for military purposes.
The White House recently announced an executive order that barred US investors from buying securities of blacklisted companies from November 2121.

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