Vagina Tattoo: Everything You Need To Know

There is a new type of tattoo that is becoming increasingly popular and it is one that is specifically for women – vagina tattoos. Vagina tattoo is exactly what they sound like, tattoos that are placed on or around a woman’s vagina. They can be any shape or size and can be as intricate or simple as the woman desires.

There are a few different reasons why women might choose to get a vagina tattoo. Some women feel that it is a way to celebrate their bodies and their sexuality. Others may feel that it enhances their sexual pleasure during intercourse. And still, others may get them as part of a bachelorette party or other celebration with their friends.

A typical misunderstanding is that a vaginal tattoo just covers the vagina itself. Contrary to popular belief, the phrase “vagina tattoo” refers to the entire pelvic region. This includes areas where pubic hair grows and areas that can be covered by regular paints. Some tattooists might define vagina tattoo as merely being anything below the pantie line of low rider panties. Others define what constitutes a vaginal tattoo by the pantie-line of regular underwear.

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In the end, this comes down to semantics. The different border lines are used by artists as price suggestions or for marketing purposes. Many people are fine with obtaining a “lower stomach,” “groin,” “inner hip/thigh,” or “pelvic” tattoo but have mixed feelings about getting a vagina tattoo.

All of these topics and wellness tips will be covered in this post. Therefore, any tattoos found on or near the vagina itself, close to the groin (including the front of the hip), or below the lower abdominal muscle will be considered vaginal tattoo. Ask your tattoo artists what they consider to be a vaginal tattoo; this could or might not have an impact on the cost. It might also imply that they are uncomfortable carrying out the duty.

Why Would Someone Tattoo Vagina Tattoo?

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There are a number of reasons why people may choose to get a tattoo of their vagina. For some, it may be a way to express themselves and their sexuality in a bold and empowering way. Others may see it as a symbol of femininity and strength. And for still others, it may be a way to celebrate their own body and all that it represents. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that vagina tattoos are becoming increasingly popular – and for good reason!

Every tattoo decision is a matter of personal preference. Even more varied reasons could be behind where you decide to have the tattoo.

They Can Easily Be Hiding

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Not everyone works in a field that accepts staff members with obvious tattoos. Alternatively, not everyone has the good fortune to be in a neighborhood or family that is welcoming of self-expression. Those of us who feel the need to keep our tattoos hidden from friends and family might want to think about getting them in the pelvic area. The majority of pant and swimsuit designs can adequately cover the area. Hence, it is more probable that only individuals who want to see the tattoo(s) would do so.

In order to conceal

Below their lower abdomen muscles are stretch marks and scars that are common in women. whether it was brought on by weight gain, pregnancy, C-sections, abdominal surgery, or tummy tucks. These imperfections make some women feel self-conscious, which lowers their confidence.

They feel embarrassed by the marks, which makes sex awkward. Many of these women might believe that the marks turn off potential partners, so they might concentrate more on hiding them than enjoying the moment.

Many women discover that by covering these marks, their sex life and confidence are enhanced. This doesn’t mean that their partner(s) are more attracted to them today; rather, it just means that women are more at ease with their bodies and may unwind more during sex.

Just for My Own Expression

Some women consider having a vagina tattoo to be no different from getting one on any other part of their body. Meaning they are expressing themselves, making a point, or trying to bring attention to that part of their body, respectively.

To get the intended effect, sexually explicit imagery or decorative, cheeky, and hilarious design can be used.

Expectations Prior To Getting A Vagina Tattoo

You’ll need to take into account your own level of pain tolerance. If you tend to wriggle when receiving a vagina tattoo, this could not only degrade the quality of the design but also harm your nerves and make the area less sensitive.

It’s preferable to get a tattoo somewhere else on your body first if you’ve never had one before. Consider getting your first tattoo on your glutes because it’s simpler to cover one up with clothing there (A.K.A your Butt). Your ability to tolerate pain will be tested in this fleshier area. They are also equally as simple to cover up with clothing as a vaginal tattoo is.

How long does healing take?

This could take as little as 1-2 weeks or as long as 6 months, depending on the follow-up care and your individual healing rate. Drinking a lot of water helps hasten the healing process, but depending on where the tattoo is located, if it causes you to use the restroom more frequently, this could have additional effects.

You should ideally wait until the scabbing and “onion skin” disappear. This can lessen the risk of infection and skin tears around the new vagina tattoo during physical activity and sexual activity. However, this does not imply that the tattoo has completely healed.

Please read our Comprehensive Guide to Tattoo Aftercare for more details on how to look after a fresh tattoo.

Considerations for Design Selection

You might want to consider other questions, such as “Is it for Show or to Conceal?” in addition to the apparent one. Unlike a penis tattoo, which has fewer options for how to be seen or shown. A vaginal tattoo can be more sexually explicit and flaunted in a variety of ways, both modestly and outwardly.

A vaginal tattoo can call attention to that area of your body, similar to a Tramp Stamp/Lower Back tattoo. It might enhance your natural curves, seem elegant and mysterious, leave others wondering what else is underneath, or even resemble a belly tattoo pattern.

The legality of belly tattoos is debatable. They could be perceived as extending up from the vagina or down towards it because they sit low on the belly. Some of these enormous belly tattoos and low-sitting vagina tattoo is included in our illustrations.

You might even want to think about how people would perceive the tattoo. Being completely naked can have a similar effect as wearing clothing, which makes the tattoo(s) much easier to conceal.

The vagina tattoo could appear differently from the front while you’re standing up compared to when you’re lying down with your legs apart. Another pattern some individuals employ shows the tattoo being seen from behind as the subject is hunched over.

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