10 Strange but Totally Normal Ways The Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy

If you’re expecting your first child, you might be worried. A baby through your lady bits is akin to trying to squeeze an eyeball through your lady bits.

But don’t worry, women have been doing this for thousands of years, and pregnancy will prepare your vagina for delivery. But you may not be aware that many changes await you below.

Changes begin earlier — a lot earlier.

10 Strange but Totally Normal Ways The Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy - Photo by Juan Encalada
10 Strange but Totally Normal Ways The Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy – Photo by Juan Encalada

So let us introduce you to your changing anatomy and tell you what to expect over the next nine months. Your vagina during pregnancy:

1. Your cervix may turn Smurfy blue.

A vagina isn’t usually associated with turning blue, but it can happen when you’re first pregnant.

The increased blood flow causes Chadwick’s sign. Because it causes no pain, you may not even be aware it has occurred. Regardless, the blue or purple color should fade quickly after birth.

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a change in color in the vagina, labia, and cervix.

2. The vagina may become an orgasmic paradise.

During pregnancy, your blood volume can increase by up to 50%Trusted Source, making your nether regions swollen and sensitive.

Increased oxytocin, estrogen, and progesterone levels may lead to increased arousal, orgasms, and desire authenticity.

This can happen in the first or second trimester, so alert your partner! On the other hand, this blood rush may cause sensitivity and discomfort.

3. You may develop varicose veins.

The extra pressure and weight of your belly can cause these bulging, purple blood vessels on your legs. They can also appear on your most private parts, believe it or not.

According to a recent study, between 18 and 22% of pregnant women will develop this medical condition in the second or third trimester.Some people will feel swelling, pressure, or pain, but not everyone will.

The good news is that most vulvar varicosities go away within a few weeks.

4. Changes in vaginal pH

When visiting Australia, be aware that you may smell and taste differently. The Journal of Perinatal EducationTrusted Source says the taste may be “metallic or salty.”

Your olfactory senses are also heightened during pregnancy, so a change or increase in odor may seem more pungent to you.

If the odor is overwhelming, or accompanied by burning or itching, you may have an infection and should see your doctor.

5. You may feel as if your vagina has been stabbed.

And no one warned you this could happen. When it happens, you may panic and call your doctor, believing you are dying.

It is a pregnancy side effect known as “lightning crotch” and is nothing to worry about. (Really?

It occurs when you sit or lie in the same position for a long time and then get up.

If you feel this, do what you need to get comfortable.

6. Your vagina is becoming more infected

Yeast infections first. It grows during pregnancy. Increased estrogen levels and pH changes in the vagina cause this.

Topical antifungals are preferred over oral antifungals, especially after a recent study linked fluconazole (Diflucan) to an increased risk of miscarriage.

Consider alternative treatments and lifestyle changes before taking oral medications.

Another issue you may face during your pregnancy? Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are not only unpleasant, but they also make you feel compelled to pee more than usual.

While the risk of getting a UTI during pregnancy is only slightly higher than when not pregnant, the risk of getting a kidney infection increases by 40% authenticity.

Increased risk of preeclampsia, preterm birth, and low birth weight.

7. Your vaginal discharge will increase.

Stock up on tampons. Your private parts go into hormonal overdrive shortly after conception, producing more discharge to protect your cervix and prevent infections.

This discharge is called leukorrhea and is similar to regular discharge, only heavier, more frequent, and stickier.

If it turns yellow or green, thickens, or smells, you may have an infection and need antibiotics. Later in pregnancy, the gooey mucus plug on your cervix may fall off, signaling labor.

8. It’s possible that your vagina is itchy.

Even if you like calling your privates cute names, Itchy and Scratchy isn’t what you had in mind. Itching is a common pregnancy symptom that can occur at any time.

Why? Yeast infection or increased discharge and pH changes.

Symptoms like abnormal discharge, ulcers, or a burning sensation should be reported to your doctor.

9. The flora of the vaginal cavity may change.

Yes, your vagina is swarming with bacteria, which is perfectly normal. The bacterial environment can change during the first trimester of pregnancy.

So long as it doesn’t infect, why does it matter? Because, according to multiple studies, pregnant women with low vaginal Lactobacillus levels are more likely to deliver early.

Vaginal bacteria may one day help predict preterm labor, but more research is required now.

10. Your vagina may not change in the critical area.

Where? As a result of this tightness, the perineum often tears during childbirth.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, vaginal tearing occurs in between 53 and 79 percent of women in labor, and up to 90 percent of first-time mothers.

A 2014 study found that women who have a severe tear during their first birth are 5 times more likely to have another in subsequent births.

However, massaging the area, especially in the last month of pregnancy, may help reduce the risk of this painful problem.

You now know

These vaginal changes may appear odd, but they are mostly normal. Relax and remember that these pregnancy symptoms often go away after birth.

If any of these symptoms bother you or become permanent, don’t hesitate to tell your doctor. They can suggest treatments or alternatives.

After all, there will be plenty of other life changes to keep your mind busy after your beautiful baby is born.

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