3 media representatives for Vietnam International Fashion Week 2023 

The heads of The Vietnam International Fashion Week 2023 have announced three kid models for the contest, namely Nguyen Duc Phong Thien, Nguyen Gia Bao, and Le Hoang Bao Tram. They are all talented model kids with notable accomplishment.

The Vietnam International Fashion Week 2023 is an annual project organized by Voyage Group and top-tier fashion brand Dac Ngoc Designer House and Vietnam Star Academy. The project is inspired by the harmony between traditional values and modern aspects from all over the world.

After the success in 2018 and 2019, the Vietnam International Fashion Week Season 3 is about to come back with the concept of “Fashion Journey and Culture Propagandization”. The contest is a picture with vibrant colors thanks to the engagement of many fashion giants worldwide and the talented designers of Vietnam.

The event glorifies unlimited creativity and rekindles new inspirations in every pattern of conventional fashion. Not only update the trend, but Vietnam International Fashion Week 2023 also is a journey of preserving cultural values and proudly bringing them closer to the world.

This is also where kids develop their talent, which contributes to creating a “golden” generation of models for the fashion industry in the upcoming future. Apart from a fashion contest, Vietnam International Fashion Week 2023 also send messages that incentivize Children’s Rights and overall development.


Currently, the heads have announced three kid models for the contest, namely Nguyen Duc Phong Thien, Nguyen Gia Bao, and Le Hoang Bao Tram. These are all familiar ones to the fans with many remarkable achievements.


Nguyen Duc Phong Thien made an impression on many fashion shows such as Vietnam International Fashion Week 2022, Luxury Brand Global Fashion Week, and Thailand Fashion Week. Besides, Phong Thien also took many other roles, such as singer, actor for the MVs, and MC.

Nguyen Duc Phong Thien also won against 235 contestants and became the winner of So You Think You Can Model 2022. Phong Thien is also known as the grandchild of the eminent singer Ngoc Son, who helped him on his path toward the art industry.


Nguyen Gia Bao, born in 2013 in Yen Bai, is familiar to children’s fashion lovers lately. The child model has been on many fashion catwalks and taken on important roles such as vedette and first face.

Nguyen Gia Bao has caught attention because of her beautiful appearance, her pretty face, and her professional modeling skills. Most recently, this child model won the Vietnam Ao Dai Children’s Ambassador 2022.


And Le Hoang Bao Tram is considered a unique style on the catwalks because of her Asian face. She has appeared in many big fashion events such as the Vietnam Supermodel Festival, VTV’s 12 Zodiac program, and VTC’s Pink Dream…

Bao Tram has also achieved many accomplishments such as Prize B of the Art Talent Search Festival organized by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the “excellent contestant” in the Super Kun Talent Searching program, and so at the Children’s Art Festival organized by the Central Team Council.

These talented young models contribute to spreading the meaningful message and take the opening position for Vietnam International Children’s Fashion Week 2023.

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