3 Simple Rules Of Sleeping for Amazing Health

1. Do not sleep when angry

Muốn sống lâu và khỏe mạnh thì nhất định không được ngủ trong 3 trường hợp này - Ảnh 1.

When anger affects the bronchial function of the liver, causing the liver’s gas to stagnate, showing that the chest and diaphragm are full on both sides, which can seriously develop into hepatitis. If you fall asleep when you get angry, the liver will not have enough blood, the liver has excess gas.

The anger and anxiety of sleeping can also increase the activity of the heart, making you uncomfortable. The best way to have a good night’s sleep to avoid harm to your health is about 1 hour – 1 hour and a half before going to bed, you need to avoid feelings of anxiety, anger.

2. Don’t sleep after getting drunk

Muốn sống lâu và khỏe mạnh thì nhất định không được ngủ trong 3 trường hợp này - Ảnh 2.

Some people think that “drinking a small amount of alcohol can help you sleep well”, but doing this actually poses a lot of risks. Although the alcohol concentration in the body after reducing lead will have a sedative and sedative effect, but it also seriously affects the normal rhythm of sleep, preventing the brain from going into deep sleep, the body will be tired the next day.

After drinking, because alcohol stimulates to secrete a large amount of insulin, it is necessary to prevent hypoglycemia caused by alcohol, which is much more serious than normal hypoglycemia. In addition, after being drunk, the swallowing reflex and swallowing movement become slower, the throat muscles are loosened, and the airway is easily blocked.

If you lie on your back while sleeping, the vomit will be difficult to cough up, collect or flow back into the windpipe, causing asphyxiation, in mild cases it may be pneumonia, severe cases can suffocate causing severe brain hypoxia and sudden death. Experts recommend that, after drinking, sit and rest for a certain time, then go to bed or sleep on your side to avoid danger.

3. Sleep too much during the day and stay up frequently at night

Muốn sống lâu và khỏe mạnh thì nhất định không được ngủ trong 3 trường hợp này - Ảnh 3.

Modern medical research has found that when you sleep at night, the adrenal cortex and growth hormones are secreted. Adrenocortical hormone is secreted before dawn and has the function of promoting human carbohydrate metabolism, ensuring muscle growth.

Growth hormone, produced only after falling asleep, not only promotes growth and development in adolescents, but also slows down the aging process in middle age and the elderly. Therefore, even getting enough sleep during the day cannot replace sleeping at night. So, during the working day, at night to rest and get a good night’s sleep will help protect your health.

How to sleep better?

– Avoid 3 times of sleep that endanger your health as mentioned.

– Need to choose the right and most comfortable sleeping position for the body. It is best to lie on your back and avoid lying on your stomach.

– Create yourself a suitable sleeping space, the bedroom temperature should fluctuate from 26 – 28 degrees C to easier to fall asleep.

– Do not use electronic devices before bed.

– Don’t eat too much before going to bed.

– Use the bathroom before bed to avoid waking up in the middle.

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