5 great healthcare tips for 2022

Health is an essential component of our daily lives. Our livelihood depends on how healthy we are to carry out assigned tasks and desired jobs. However, not everyone knows how to take care of themselves.

Let us go through some scientifically proven tips to help you have a better understanding of healthcare. From there, you can implement them into your daily routine.

  1. Take a warm bath 2 hours before bedtime.

We tend to become sleepy when our body temperature drops. Taking a warm bath will elevate the body temperature, delaying the release process of sleep hormones. It is, therefore, recommended that you take a warm bath two hours before bedtime. This will enhance your quality of sleep.

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  1. Exercise outdoor

There are a lot of harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can be found inside a gym. They usually latch on to exercise equipment or the floor. To prevent this, you should always wash your hands, change training clothes, clean the equipment before and after use, and in addition, wear shoes in the gym. Outdoor exercising usually solves these problems by itself. According to research, the rate of air pollution indoors is often two to five times more polluted than outdoors.

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  1. Drink the right amount of water

It is not always a good idea to drink more than the recommended amount of water each day. Our bodies constantly function to balance out the concentration of the liquid. Our kidneys can only excrete about 800 to 1000ml of water per hour. So if you drink more than 1000ml of water in an hour, you might catch hyponatremia.

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  1. Avoid taking coffee or smoking when tired

When you are tired, it is best to avoid coffee or smoking. The reason is that they will create irreversible damage to your respiratory system. When you drink coffee and smoke at the same time, the damage will increase by two folds. The aroma of coffee also stimulates your caffeine craving, so you might want to limit your daily intake.

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  1. Moderate your calcium intake

A lack of calcium will lead to many serious health problems such as cramps, memory loss, daydreaming, or insomnia since calcium deficiency affects the metabolism of nerve cells. Adding various types of beans like soybeans or tofu to your daily menus will help solve these health issues. Bear in mind that soy milk is not necessarily good for you, since it contains a small amount of lactose, which affects the functionality of calcium in your brain.

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