The 7 Spring Colors You’ll Start Wearing in 2020

Celebrities are already trying these Pantone-approved looks.

Every year Pantone releases its list of spring colors predicted to take over closets around the globe—and every year we wonder how to turn those swatches into Instagrammable outfits. Unlike runway trends from fashion week, Pantone’s color forecasts aren’t accompanied by several outfits we can screenshot and save for later. Spring color trends are also decided before stores catch up—meaning there’s a few months of getting creative with what you own before you can shop for fresh spring pieces.

Thanks to a little thing called the internet, there’s another way to find out exactly how to wear the biggest spring colors for 2020. Long before spring’s in session, celebrities get a head start on wearing the spring colors expected to dominate when coat season ends. Because it’s 2020, there’s plenty of pictures to prove spring colors are already happening. Look through these outfits from Chrissy Teigen, Jenna Dewan, and more to catch up on the bold spring colors that’ll be trending in no time—and how to wear them.

Grape Compote
Just a few shades away from last fall’s dusty lilacs, grape compote is the shade of purple set to reign this spring. It’s a color you don’t see often, so make sure it’s not hidden underneath a pattern or layers. Once the weather catches up to the spring colors roster, you can pull on a one-shoulder dress like Chrissy Teigen’s.

Springcolors 3
This shade has made popular spring colors lists before. But no one wears it quite like Chrissy Teigen.

Orange Peel
Orange peel is to classic orange what sumo oranges are to clementines: the super-sized version of a thing you already love. When you’re dressing in orange peel, try a patterned maxi like Jenna Dewan’s. Orange peel is a color that everyone will notice—you may as well lean into it with a bold garment.

Springcolors 4
See? Orange peel isn’t just a daytime color.

During the seasonally awkward time otherwise known as transitional weather, you may not feel like wearing rainbow bright colors. If that’s the case, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s preferred spring color is right for you. Sunlight is a yellow so light it could pass for cream, so it’s the perfect shade for a longline coat to wear over jeans and boots until true spring arrives.

Springcolors 5
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows sunny spring colors don’t have to look saccharine.

Saffron Yellow
Feeling more adventurous than sunlight? Head to saffron, another spring color that demands to be worn head-to-toe. We’d suggest taking the Lupita Nyong’o route and layering two pieces with varying texture, like a silk top and a corduroy skirt, to break up a monochromatic look. Top with a solid color coat, and you’re ready to go.

Springcolors 6
Doubling up on spring colors is always encouraged.

Flame Scarlet
2020 is the year to throw old style rules out the door, including when you’re “supposed” to wear some colors. So when Pantone included flame scarlet, a deep red, on its spring colors lineup, we knew we’d need to copy this Lucy Hale look. She punched up the deep red shade with a solid coat and multi-patterned dress.

Springcolors 7
Mix solids and patterns for a spring take on a fall tone.

Cinnamon Stick
Don’t worry, neutrals fans: This year’s spring colors haven’t left you behind. Cinnamon stick brown can be the base to your animal prints like Rose Byrne’s in the early spring, and remain your go-to shade for pants and suiting throughout the season.

Springcolors 2
Dusky cinnamon tones take animal prints into spring.

Biscay Green
Gigi Hadid’s street style suit brings out the best in biscay green. It’s not as bright as last year’s neon green trend, but still catches your eye with its cool tones. Other ways to wear the shade? We’d suggest a midi dress or a pair of strappy sandals.

Springcolors 1
Mint green reigns in spring colors season.

Source: Glamour

Photography: Getty Images

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