7 Stylish Christmas Nail Designs to Try This Season

Christmas is arriving! There are numerous ways to get into the holiday spirit, such as decorating your Christmas tree and watching some of the best Christmas movies on repeat. With these incredibly glittering Christmas nail art ideas for both long and short nails, you can also channel the glitz, glitter, and glamor of the holidays. It’s possible to go overboard or simply with Christmas nails. 

Christmas Lights 

The cutest thing ever! Create a neutral base coat first, and then add black “cords” to it. Put on spherical or teardrop-shaped nail gems in a range of hues to serve as “light bulbs.” Put some nail polish on instead of nail jewels if you don’t have any. In either case, the entire season will be radiant with your nails!

christmas nail 2023 lavyon 4

Sweater Weather

Patterns like snowflakes, bows, and cable knit are included in this mix-and-match set. The look just employs two colors, which maintains the overall appearance a bit calmer even if the designs are so varied.

christmas nail 2023 lavyon 2

Cheerful French

The base of each nail in this French manicure has different festive greenery with sparkling red tips. Because of the translucent, nude background, the dramatic design manages to stay a touch airy.

christmas nail 2023 lavyon 1

Silver Bells

Icy tones like this light blue and silver glitter will be around for a long time. Change designs for a more graphic look, or choose just one glitter accent nail for a subtler look.

christmas nail 2023 lavyon 3

Candy Cane

Take a trip down Candy Cane Lane with these colorful nails. We adore how this manicure varies the appearance of each nail by using French tips, solid red, and even an abstract pattern. The candy cane nail, with its stripes and glitter aplenty, is the star of the show.

christmas nail 2023 lavyon 5

White Poinsettias 

If you adore Christmas poinsettias as much as we do, try painting them on your nails. Begin with a solid coat of your chosen polish, then add a white floral shape. Once dried, draw a black outline around the flower and add other flower elements as indicated. You can mix and match the colors, but we adore how elegant this gold and white combination looks.

christmas nail 2023 lavyon 2

The Starry Night 

This neutral take on the holidays is just as joyful even if it’s quieter than most of the other Christmas nail art ideas you’ll find here. Begin with a natural base, then add white and silver stars. To provide visual interest, place the stars in slightly varied locations on each nail. 

christmas nails

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