American Covid-19 vaccine halted testing because of an ‘unknown cause’ disease.

Johnson & Johnson said illnesses, incidents or undesirable symptoms “are an intended part of any clinical study, especially in large studies.”

Physicians and safety supervision will try to determine the possible cause of the disease. In fact, one of the first investigative steps is to determine whether the person has received a vaccine or a placebo.

The company refused to disclose any further details about the disease, citing the reasons for the privacy of the participants.

The single-dose Covid-19 vaccine was developed by Johnson & Johnson. Photo: AP.

Johnson & Johnson is aiming to attract 60,000 volunteers to demonstrate if their single-dose method is safe and effective against Covid-19. Other US Covid-19 vaccine candidates require two injections.

This is at least the second time that one of the large-scale end-stage Covid-19 vaccines in the US has been suspended.

Previously, the last-stage test of Covid-19 vaccine by UK-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and University of Oxford (UK) has been delayed in the US while health officials are checking to see if Is there any danger in the disease it caused during the test.

The trial was stopped when a woman had severe neurological symptoms of transverse myelitis – a rare inflammation of the spinal cord, AstraZeneca said. The company’s testing has started elsewhere.

Temporary cessation of major medical studies is relatively common. Only a handful of incidents have been reported in publicly available typical drug trials, but the Covid-19 vaccine production has helped raise awareness of complications.

Pharmaceutical companies are assigned to investigate any large and small reactions that occur during drug testing. However, some companies believe that if the tests were conducted on tens of thousands of people, some of the problems encountered were just coincidence.


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