Attractive Charisma of Child Supermodels in the collection inspired from 7 countries around the world

Wearing the collection with great inspiration from the journey of bringing Vietnamese children’s fashion to a “big sea” by Designer Le Tran Dac Ngoc, the adolescents models have come up with an extraordinary and emotional performance.

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On 1/8, The Supermodel Children Festival 2022 took place in Hanoi. The audience was able to look back on the journey of bringing Vietnamese children’s fashion by designer Dac Ngoc to set the first footprints on the world fashion map through the opening collection titled “Fashion Journey”. The unique collection is highly inspired by 7 distinct countries that designer Le Tran Dac Ngoc and S Designer House brand visited including Malaysia, England, Russia, Dubai, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam.

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“Fashion Journey” Collection was performed by 7 representative faces of The Supermodel Children Festival 2022: Huu Nhat Cao, Trang Anh Phan, Phuong Anh Tran, Tu Quyen Hoa Nguyen, Susi Bao Tran, Khanh Linh Nguyen Vu and Jenny Bao Vy. These are all experienced supermodels with a number of performances not only on regional but also on international catwalks.

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With a professional catwalk, the charisma exuding from facial expressions, eyes to poses, has created an impressive opening for The Supermodel Children Festival 2022. In particular, the opening performance also featured an appearance of young artists from the Youth Star Club.

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The children’s dancers have brought colorful performances resonating with fashion designs, have led viewers through many emotions and explored the cultural strata of countries around the world.

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In the next part, the audience was able to admire the unique collections of S Designer House fashion brand that have made a big influence on the Thailand Fashion Week catwalk and performed for the first time in Vietnam such as: Vietnamese Prestigious Sounds and Colors of Continents (Thanh Âm Việt & Sắc màu rẻo cao), Em and Flowers, Color Of The Sun, Princess’s Dream, Spring Gate, 2 Became 1…

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The ideas, shape, tailoring, and attachment, all are handled delicately, meticulously and impressively which made the audience feel lost in the colorful art space.

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Accompanying the collections of S Designer House are 250 talented and passionate models kids from all over the country. The little angels confidently strode, transforming their styles to match each outfit they wore such as brocade, ao dai or evening gown.

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For the first time in Vietnam, The Supermodel Children Festival 2022 is the biggest fashion event for child supermodels ever. Director – Designer Le Tran Dac Ngoc shared: “Not only is it a playground for young people who are passionate about catwalks, The Supermodel Children Festival 2022 is the cradle that produces a potential generation of child models, contributing to bringing Vietnamese fashion approach closer to international fashion standards, thereby affirming Vietnam’s name in the international arena”.

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