Binh Minh takes his wife to America to meet his “stepdaughter”

Binh Minh and his wife, Anh Tho were present in America to prepare for the premiere event of “The Living Sandbag” movie. For the occasion, actor Binh Minh had the chance to introduce his lovely “stepdaughter” to his wife.

Recently, on March 22nd, Binh Minh was present in America to prepare for the premiere event of “The Living Sandbag” movie, starring as the protagonist. 

Specifically, Anh Tho accompanied Binh Minh on this overseas trip. Before traveling to America, Binh Minh also took the time to prepare an early birthday party for his wife. He even called his wife by the nickname of “lifelong sweetheart.”

As soon as they arrived in America, the couple was warmly welcomed by the producer Ramani Raja, the collaborator Tram Huong Nguyen, and the movie crew. 

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After that, the actor also had a chance to meet his beloved movie “stepdaughter,” child actress Angelina Raja. Binh Minh said that he was very surprised to see Angelina Raja again. She has become more ladylike, mature, and prettier since the last time he saw her. To compensate for their lack of time together, Binh Minh and Angelina Raja spent a lot of time talking and reminiscing about the recording days for “The Living Sandbag” movie. 

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In the movie, Binh Minh plays the role of Hoang Minh Long, a talented and esteemed boxer. But tragedy struck, particularly his daughter Dieu (Angelina Raja) was in a dire situation. Hoang Minh Long decided to break his steadfast mirror-like principle to do undesirable jobs for his family’s hope and happiness. 

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Taking on an important role first time on the big screen, Angelina Raja received many praises for her performance. Despite her lack of experience, Angelina Raja’s natural and realistic acting has wonderfully synergized with Binh Minh’s, bringing tears to a lot of audience for the character’s emotional journey. 

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“The Living Sandbag,” produced by Anh Sao Production and VSABV Films, will officially premiere on March 24th throughout every AMC and major theater in America.  

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