Brides-to-be might benefit from long-term cosmetic treatments.

Because of the countless meals and get-togethers, a newlywed is always in the limelight. Unfortunately, newlywed women are expected to constantly arrive in pristine condition, and to do it in a matter of minutes rather than hours or even days. In spite of the fact that many women have attempted to reverse the current trend by adopting natural cosmetic looks that need little upkeep, some women who enjoy wearing makeup have begun experimenting with permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup allows one to maintain an almost flawless appearance all of the time if desired. Especially for women who enjoy applying makeup, this is a must-try for first-time brides. For more information on permanent makeup, we reached out to Shikha Baghi Bhandari, Founder and Managing Director of Timeless Aesthetics, and the following is her response.

Brides-to-be might benefit from long-term cosmetic treatments.
Brides-to-be might benefit from long-term cosmetic treatments.

“They are designed to rectify, augment, and counteract the body’s natural physiology. In this case, it may be a little tough to comprehend, but a simpler explanation is to make you appear like yourself. Consider the following: you have a blank part in your brows, they are not in the right form, your lips are too dark, or even your hairline is not even or has gaps between the strands of hair. Females are more than twice as likely as men to suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions. You will not gain any strange or exotic characteristics as a result of permanent makeup that you would not otherwise possess.

The result will be brows that are as flawless as they could possibly be, lip color that is as natural as it could be, a hairline that is free of faults and gaps, and a natural-looking smile. There is a great deal of beauty in the fact that none of these treatments appear to be artificial; rather, they appear to be shockingly natural, and no one can tell the difference between them without a close inspection “Shikha explains this further as she provides some suggestions for permanent makeup.

Eyebrows that stay in place indefinitely

Permanent eyebrows are one of the most popular PMU procedures available on the globe. Globalization has helped to consolidate the PMU business. Whether you believe it or not, an adult lady visits a salon once a month to have her eyebrows sculpted, and she pencils her brows once a day to create a stark contrast between them. With Permanent Brows, you no longer have to worry about any of that stuff. After a year of maintenance, your brows will remain sharp and high-definition for the rest of your life with a few easy touch-ups. As Shikha points out, “ombré brows look great on younger ladies and mixture brows look great on those a little bit older.”

Lip Color That Is Permanent

When it comes to this therapy, there is a great deal of misunderstanding. Many persons assume that it is just for those who have dark or smokers lips, but this is only one side of the story. Most of the time, with time, the brightness and natural tone of one’s lips go away. A permanent lip color improves the vibrancy of the lips and helps to rejuvenate those that are uniformly colored. Lip neutralization is followed by color application, which is accomplished using a variety of skilled methods, and shadowing, which is used to give the lips their natural inward, and the outward curve is followed by finishing touches.

The liner that lasts all-day

A woman’s crowning beauty is kajal or mascara in India. When worn, it draws attention to the eyes and makes the wearer appear very lovely and sophisticated. Even if you find someone to apply it for you, the odds are that they will do it in an uneven manner if they are not pros. It is, however, a tough process to apply yourself. It’s a whole different scenario when it comes to choosing the right mascara for the job. “Please keep in mind that brides weep, which means your make-up will not remain in the same place it was only a few hours before. This must-have yet divisive aesthetic feature is therefore stigmatized in certain ways. Permanent eyeliner allows you to wear the ideal mascara for an extended period of time without reapplication. Select the design you want, and any skilled artist may create the appearance you desire. It is without a doubt a must-see for any future brides “Shikha cracks a witty joke.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a technique used to colorize the skin on the scalp.

“Obviously, it isn’t specifically aimed towards females, but in my professional experience, I’ve come across a number of ladies with a thin hairline and little overall volume in their hair. Even very smooth hair can reveal gaps, which is particularly noticeable while wearing bridal head jewelry and accessories. Many ladies consider just adding hair extensions or other cosmetic fixes to their wedding day, but let’s face it, one misstep and your wedding day are completely and completely spoiled. A complex procedure, scalp micro-pigmentation can help restore your hairline with only a small amount of product. The possibility of young women needing it is remote, but in the event that they do, we have a remedy available to them “Shikha makes the following suggestion:

Lifting of the Eyelash

Eyelash extensions are trendy, but they are not appropriate for a bride. They may be appropriate for bridesmaids or that quirky auntie, but not for the lady of the hour herself. The bride has to appear elegant, which is where a simple treatment that allows your natural eyelashes to be curled up and outcomes in handy. Only 30 minutes are required for the treatment, and the benefits endure for around 2-3 weeks. Having that much time to enjoy all of the events without having to worry about them is great! With the exception of having a sufficient amount of lashes, there is no restriction.


The fact that these treatments cannot be applied to all persons at the same time is something to bear in mind, therefore scheduling an appointment as soon as possible is recommended! Each of these treatments should be started at least two months before the wedding and no more than two treatments should be performed simultaneously unless they do not conflict with each other or have a negative influence on your skin. Solitaire treatments are effective on their own, and the first thorough touch-up should be done after 4 weeks, which is the same as applying the permanent treatment for the first time. All of the other organs are affected in the same way: lips, eyes, scalp, etc.

It is painless and extremely sterile for permanent makeup procedures to be performed under these settings. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing and approval are obtained for the items being utilized. Except for individuals suffering from an urgent skin disease, these therapies are appropriate for everyone. This is a little period of downtime, but it is not comparable to prolonged bed rest. Cleaning must be done thoroughly, and direct sunlight should be avoided. You should postpone taking some drugs and consult with a professional artist or physician before using medicated lotions or topicals on your skin.

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