CEO Lam Hoang My takes on the role of MC for the Songwriting Contest Finale: “Warrior in White Coat”

CEO Lam Hoang My not only succeeded in business and art and culture projects, but as an MC leading the program, she also amazed everyone with her grace and flexibility.

Still as beautiful and radiant as ever at events, CEO Lam Hoang My took on the role of MC leading the program on the final night of the Songwriting Contest “Warrior in White Coat” – A meaningful contest to honor the efforts and sacrifices of the medical staff, collaborators, and workers on the front lines of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

CEO Lam Hoang My 1
CEO Lam Hoang My takes on the role of MC for the Songwriting contest finale: “Warrior in White Coat”.

With her vibrant pink dress and bright smile, the female CEO made an instant impression. She and her co-host, MC Duc Tien, made an excellent team, which contributed to the program’s success.

Despite being the CEO of a large business corporation and in charge of many multinational business projects, CEO Lam Hoang My is also an artist with a huge enthusiasm for art and cultural programs. That is most likely why the female CEO does such an amazing job as MC.

CEO Lam Hoang My 2
CEO Lam Hoang My and co-host – MC Duc Tien

The major roles of CEO Lam Hoang My and MC Duc Tien created a connection between the audience and the show, making viewers tremble with excitement during the award announcement and bursting with emotion with music, with compassion for those fighting at the frontline of the pandemic.

Sharing her thoughts when participating in the show, CEO Lam Hoang My expressed her pleasure and pride in having contributed to a program with numerous humanistic meanings.

CEO Lam Hoang My 3
From left to right: Actor Baggio, Director Quoc Vo, CEO Lam Hoang My, Entrepreneur Huong Nguyen and MC Duc Tien

She also stated that, although her business is busy, she is always willing to engage in and actively support community projects aimed at promoting meaningful messages to life.

CEO Lam Hoang My also congratulated the program organizers – Director Quoc Vo and the production team – on their efforts in producing a meaningful and successful playground.

Many people commented on the show that the female CEO is becoming more gorgeous, energetic, and gives everyone positive energy.

Here are a few photos of CEO Lam Hoang My on stage at the latest show:

CEO Lam Hoang My 4
CEO Lam Hoang My with actor Hoang Anh and businesswoman Tham Bebe
CEO Lam Hoang My 5
CEO Lam Hoang My interviewed the main sponsor for the show
CEO Lam Hoang My 6
CEO Lam Hoang My and businesswoman Huong Nguyen

CEO Lam Hoang My 7

CEO Lam Hoang My 8

CEO Lam Hoang My 9

CEO Lam Hoang My 10

CEO Lam Hoang My 11

Source: TCTTT

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