Color Block Nails 2021

It’s a bit late, I suppose, to call it back to school… But I still believe it’s great to have higher nails with darker weather simply to remember to smile.

I saw the blocking of color as painting, as clothing, and even as nail art, and I felt it was time to try! I love the color burst of the design and at the same time, it’s a little edgy and quirky!

Color Block Nails
Color Block Nails

Throughout the summer I loved a double accent nail look and so I put it on that mani’ (it made it easier too since I didn’t have to do all of my nails) Of course you may make the design on all your nails if you feel bold and have time/patience, or you can even alternate. Or simply do what’s pleasing to you!

It was sooo easy, I must say, nail tape saved my life for this design!

What you need:

  • A nail tap or just a normal tape.
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Nail polish

Using Nail Tape:

  • Cut your nail tape with scissors. Place them on an easy reach edge.
  • You’ll need 3 strips for each nail: one long to split the nail in half, and two shorter ones to cross.

With a standard tape:

  • Since the normal tape is considerably bigger, take a strip and cut small pieces with your scissors (a few millimeters).
  • Then proceed with the usual nail tape.

How to:

  • To protect your nails from stains, apply a base coat and let it dry.
  • Apply a coat of black paint on the nails you desire the design.
  • On the other nails, you may have to double a white paint coat, so it is beautiful and white (mine needs two coats).
  • Apply a clear topcoat on every nail.
  • IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! The black nails must be COMPLETELY DRY before using the tape!!!!!! This is essential because if the tape is not dry, the polish will be removed when you take out it!!!!
    • How can you tell whether your nails are dry? You should be able to touch your nails and don’t get a sticky sensation, but you should hear a “tap.”
    • To prevent the tape from losing any polish, put it once or twice on your hand, eliminating some stickiness.
  • Place the lengthy stripe on your nail on the black nails to split your nail into two halves (should cut from top to bottom).
  • Then put the shorter strips on either side (one strip should be higher than the other).
    Ready to use four colors: yellow, red/pink, blue, and white. You may choose the order of the first color.
  • Start by applying the two colors nearest to your nail bed (try to remain in the tape, but you’ve had to go over a little it’s all right, you can repair it with the next color you apply).
  • Then use the two colors at the end of your nail.
  • You may remove the tape after you have applied your four colors. Remove the rubber if the colors are moist!!!!!!! Using pinchers may help!
  • Since the shorter strips were last, first remove them, and then the long strip.
  • If you make errors like overlapping colors or having black lines, don’t panic. By choosing a tooth and polishing the appropriate color you may fix your errors!
  • Once the nail is dry, a clear topcoat may be applied!
    • I’d recommend applying the topcoat individually for each color (as in the topcoat the yellow 1st then wait, then the blue coat and wait …) so that the colors don’t bleed!

I had lots of fun creating these nails and was really pleased and very satisfied with the outcome! If you’re uncertain/nervous about this design, simply take your time to go one nail at a time and just remember to have it (and to color within the lines!).

Good luck!!! Good luck!!!

Stay color-blocked! Stay color-blocked!

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