Covid-19: Toronto hospital nurse who died by suicide remembered as caring, dedicated

According to Global News, on January 21, a Vietnamese nurse named Stefanie Van Nguyen committed suicide at the age of 25 after a long time working at the Covid-19 frontline in Canada.

Stefanie Van Nguyen
A Vietnamese nurse committed suicide because of depression and pressure that many people mourn

Stefanie Van Nguyen works at Humber River Hospital in Toronto. For several months, she was a staff member at the local frontline anti-epidemic. The media said that the Vietnamese nurse had ended her life because of too much pressure and fatigue at this job. She has struggled with depression over the years.

On Saturday, Stefanie’s boyfriend, Jason Parreno, shared on her personal page her pictures with her pet dog and caption that touched many people: “Today should be our 9th anniversary together. You are a very special and kind girl. I wish I could do more for you, wish I paid more attention to recognize your problem early. “

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Stefanie and her boyfriend Jason

The departure of Stefanie Van Nguyen made many people mourn. This is also a warning for the lack of attention, care and support in mental health for medical staff in the fight against the campaign.

According to colleagues, the nurse is always working hard, hard and not afraid of difficulties. But no one noticed her stresses, pressures, or psychological health problems.

Statement from Humber River Hospital – where the nurse has been working since August last year writes: “Stefanie, though not working at Humber for too long, left a deep impression on everyone and always does all the work well.”

Doris Grinspun, CEO of the Ontario Nurse Association, said Stefanie Van Nguyen’s incident was a wake-up call to see the need for more mental health support for those working on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic.

Relatives and friends have set up a GoFundMe fund titled “The pity Stefanie Van Nguyen” to hope to receive help with funeral costs for the family. The fund’s goal is to raise about $ 10,000 but has quickly raised nearly $ 60,000 so far.


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