Dan Cha shares her latest pregnancy photoshoot

Dan Cha is a famous model living and working in Vietnam. After settling down in the US, she is looking forward to what comes next in her journey as a mother. Follow ILLUME Magazine as we find out the secret of Dan Cha’s life as a modern woman. 

Working alongside an American photographer – Lisa Boyle – who has previously worked for Playboy Magazine. Dan Cha aims to capture the beauty of a pregnant woman, she wishes to release another photoset after giving birth to her baby.


 Based on your personal experience Dan Cha, are there any hardships or blessings between interracial couples when they decide to have a child? What are the main differences from the average couples?

I do see that there’s a contrast in raising children between two drastically different cultures the East and the West. For example: In the US, they allow their children to sleep separately, they also put their babies in their carriages instead of carrying them, and they also let their children eat with their hands instead of spoonfeeding them.

I was fortunate enough to experience both methods of how the two different cultures raise their children, so of course, I have to come to a conclusion to create the appropriate method to raise my child. Every child has their own quirks, you can’t just apply the same method for everything, as a parent you must learn to observe and understand what your child wants and needs.


 Did you face any hardships during your pregnancy, Dan Cha

I didn’t feel any kind of pressure at all, in fact, I feel incredibly happy and blessed waiting for my child to be born.


 Could you share your tips on how to look so radiant while pregnant Dan Cha? So women out there can have the motivation and work harder for their goals. 

I was filled with joy when I heard that I was pregnant, this must be the reason why I look so good compared to what I used to look in the past. My doctor also told me that I was in good shape so I can do my exercises without endangering myself.

Another fact about pregnancy is it can lead to many problems with your stomach so I make sure to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and yogurt…so both my baby and me can be healthy. In addition, I also have to take my additional Vitamins following my doctor’s recommendations as well.

I personally think you need to be happy and healthy in order for your baby to be in top shape. I always do things that make me happy like exercising, watching comedies, shopping, going out…

Besides, you can’t apply the same technique to everyone. You can not force me to listen to classical music because if I was in a bad mood, it could not be good for the baby. I would much prefer listening to other genres of music like hip hop, rap, pop, and ballad, that puts me in a way better mood and benefit the both of us.

I also signed up for parenting, breastfeeding, lulling your child to sleep courses, etc. Aiming to prepare myself with the right knowledge so I don’t get lost.

Photo: Lisa Boyle

Thank you so much for today Dan Cha! We wish you and your family all the best.

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