Director Quoc Vo: “Sharing is my happiness”

Despite being busy with art projects and sleeping just a few hours a day, director Quoc Vo appears to be re-energized when thinking about philanthropy programs. Perhaps for him, doing art or volunteering activities is the most meaningful and practical way to connect with people.

Quoc Vo Quay Phim scaledQuoc Vo is a well-known multi-talented artist in the Vietnamese community. Audiences are familiar with Quoc Vo because of his numerous musical compositions, appearances on stage with artists, remixes, and his role as a director of hit movies.

Quoc Vo pours his heart and soul into every role and position he takes on.

Spectacular shows, sublime music nights, and the dramatic film “The Bloody Hand”, etc. all are the result of relentless efforts, work, and tremendous creativity.

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Director Quoc Vo (right)

Pursuing the artistic path has never been easy, and developing Vietnamese art overseas is much more difficult. Dedicating oneself to art is arduous and tough enough, but Quoc Vo still spends time working with charity programs, wishing to share love with people in difficult circumstances, and supporting his homeland with a sincere heart.

As for money, Quoc Vo distributed DVDs, put on music shows, started charities, and founded the Heart of Vietnam fund to help those in need and build bridges in remote areas. In between his hectic schedule, he still manages to make a trip back to Vietnam, where he visits lonely families and find ways to encourage them.

Khánh Thành Cầu TTV Số 1 scaledUsed to shed tears when he witnessed the children in Mang Thit – Vinh Long having to sit in plastic bags, diving in the torrential river to go to school every day, Quoc Vo stood up to call and join the sponsors to build bridges, and once the children were happily running on that bridge every morning to go to school, he was relieved to start another volunteer program.

In 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic has hindered many plans, but the talented male director still put all of his efforts into art projects and continued his journey of giving love.

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It is known that director Quoc Vo and his crew have officially announced the film project Kiep Giang Ho in the United States. The 70-minute film, which will be released in 2021, is a martial arts action film combining psychological aspects to resolve underworld conflicts. Kiep Giang Ho is a series of secret corners in recent activities of criminal gangs in California. This new movie offers drama, suspense, and compassion.

Participants in the film are favorite actors such as: Tuan Quynh, Minh Thu, Nguyen Hoang Anh, Vu Rau, Thanh Nha, Khoa Ngo, Aaron Nguyen, Man Tin Hoang, Stephen Nguyen, Nathan Pham, Jack HT, Duy Huynh, Hoang Co Thach, Crish Wong, AH Nguyen, Leyna Thanh Nga, Tuan Chhum, Minh Vo, Hung Ly, John Nguyen, and many more.

Khởi Công Cầu TTV Số 2 scaledIn addition to Kiep Giang Ho, director Quoc Vo said that his Vietnamese Heart Foundation would officially inaugurate the second Vietnamese Heart Bridge in Phong Thanh Tay B commune, Phuoc Long district, Bac Lieu province in 2021. The bridge is 82 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, and it is constructed for the area of Quang Lo Phung Hiep river, supporting 2,000 traffics of students and locals every day.

“After the pandemic is under control, I intend to start a volunteer program across the West, give gifts, and build houses for people in need. Living fully with art and volunteering is my life’s greatest belief and desire”, Quoc Vo affirmed.

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