“Dreamer”- Collection of passion

“Dreamer” is a collection of designer Khang Le, surpassing his own achievements. For him, fashion is creativity, and and creativity is endless.

Khang NYC LA 30

The collection is inspired by the similarities between the imaginative artist and the pure souls of children; it is inspiration with no beginning and no ending.

Khang NYC LA 26
Khang NYC LA 36
Khang NYC LA 35
Khang NYC LA 24

“Dreamer” features eye-catching colors and an astonishing range of unique patterns. Each design’s form is both liberal and sophisticated.

Khang NYC LA 39
Khang NYC LA 39 1

“Dreamer” is flexible from form to function with modern thread line and distinctive fabric textures. The collection enables the wearer to confidently express their style in a variety of settings.

DSC 4584
SAM 5504 2
SAM 5608

“Dreamer” is a benchmark of designer Khang Le’s 5-year journey in the fashion industry in New York. This is another product that demonstrates the bold character of this talented fashion designer.

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