Five viral 2021 trends

Social media provides limitless inspiration that is within easy reach, and it contributes to the growth of fashion trends that go viral on a variety of platforms every season, leading to the rise of new trends every season. We have narrowed down the top five major trends that have lately taken over the fashion world to five. What do they have in common? They all surfaced on social media during last year’s lockdowns – primarily on TikTok – and have since gained cult status in many people’s closets as a result.

Five viral 2021 trends
Five viral 2021 trends


Low-rise jeans, tiny purses, bright colors, and slim sunglasses are just a few of the early 2000s fashion trends that are returned in full force today. With the development of Generation Z, the style is taking a more rebellious and contemporary attitude, with patterns from the beginning of the millennium blended in with current elements. Cut-outs and ruched trimmings on tops and bottoms, as well as ensembles that combine a fascination with technology with futuristic inspiration, have all been seen this season. Gen Zers are taking inspiration from what was popular while they were growing up and re-popularizing key styles and commodities. The trend is also strongly associated with the emergence of vintage and pre-owned clothes since buyers can easily channel the style of the early 2000s without losing their budget or their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The nap dress

The nap dress, a series of gowns developed by Hill House Home that has gone through several versions and is now available in a variety of shops, is at the opposite extreme of the spectrum. A smocked bodice, ruffle sleeves, and a tiered skirt distinguishes this midi-length dress, which is billowy and comfy enough to wear at any time of the day or night. In addition to its simple design, it is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and lengths, ranging from a tiny white version to a long flowery maxi dress in a variety of floral prints. It is suitable for people of all ages and offers a breezy design that customers have liked for lounging in while yet wanting to appear put-together and professional.


As reported by The Sole Supplier, the demand for Crocs has increased by 210 percent in the two years after 2020, placing the footwear brand on the attention of designers and celebrities alike. It was Questlove who wore an eye-catching gold pair to the Academy Awards this year, and it was Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith who wore them on the streets. Balenciaga has also collaborated with Crocs on an exclusive range of shoes. Nicki Minaj’s pink pair of shoes are the latest to be a hit. Additionally, Crocs proved particularly popular during lockdown since they provided a comfortable and simple alternative for people to relax while still running errands. However, they have remained in place this year as well, and it does not appear like they will be leaving anytime soon.

Bright checks

On the catwalk and in numerous stores, retro-inspired checks have been found everywhere from Prada’s bright midi skirt to Acne Studios’ soft scarf. Ganni’s rainbow checks have taken over social media, and the patterned items from Baum und Pferdgarten have done the same. Their modern twist on the traditional plaid design may be found on oversized pants and smocked blouses, and they instantly brighten any piece of apparel that they are worn with them. The style gained traction mostly in the fall of last year and has effortlessly transferred to the spring season with lightweight shirts and camis.

Co-ord sets

Co-ord sets, made popular by lockdowns and the required comfort that comes with them, have gone viral in 2020 and have maintained consumer interest this year – according to Google statistics, searches for loungewear sets surged by 223 percent in March of last year. Their allure remains strong in 2021 because they give comfort as well as a sleek shape that can be worn from the sofa to a night out on the town. Easy to dress up with heels and a blazer, they are quite flexible and can be combined with other items to create an unlimited number of looks.

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