Is lying down after eating bad?

Remember when we were kids and our mom said, “Don’t lie down after eating, it is bad for you”? She is right. But why do you think that is? Let’s find out with Illume-emag.


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Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is what happens when your stomach acids backflow. It is one of the most common conditions that is caused by lying down right after a meal. The body usually takes a few hours to digest food, and it does its job best when in standing or sitting positions.


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A study of 500 healthy individuals showed that people who have the longest intervals between meals and bedtime are less likely to develop strokes. Although there isn’t a lot of research into this correlation, many experts believe there are some links between the disease and eating or sleeping behavior.


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The body slows digestion when you’re sleeping. That means going to bed right after eating prevents your stomach from properly digesting the food you just ate. Indigestion can make you feel discomfort in your upper abdomen and can lead to further complications in the future.


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Your body needs at least three hours to burn off the calories you just consumed. Going to bed any time before that means your metabolism doesn’t get to function properly. That can lead to weight gain and, if it goes uncontrolled, obesity.

Although the effects of going to bed after a meal seem trivial now, they can become a serious problem later in life. Be sure to leave an appropriate rest interval between your meal and your bedtime. To prevent experiencing these discomforts, go walking or do the dishes, for example.

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