Japan’s Famous Landmarks that will blow your mind away

It is undeniable that Japan is a country of many different sceneries for tourists to enjoy, it would be a big shame to go to Japan and not spend time enjoying its splendid landmarks.

Japan is a country of wonders, from its culture to its cuisine, things to do in Japan will never run out of no matter what you do. If you ever have the chance to travel to Japan, spend a week or two enjoying famous landmarks and destinations in Japan. Today, Illume-eMag will be the tour guide to introduce you to the many wonderous landmarks in Japan.

Horyuji Buddhist architectural complex

Horyu ji National Treasure World heritage 国宝・世界遺産法隆寺85Horyuji Temple located in Nara province, also known as Phap Long Temple, is one of the oldest wooden structures in the world that Buddhists want to admire and feel the sacred atmosphere here. Some of the following architectural highlights that you cannot miss are Kim Duong Building, Ngu Trung tower, Trung Mon and corridors. Surely, the architecture of the temple will not disappoint you. The highlight of Horyuji Temple is the beautiful 11-faced Guanyin Bodhisattva statue and more than 100 artifacts of special artistic value. Although built more than 13 centuries ago, experiencing many terrible earthquakes, Horyuji Temple still retains its artistic value and is always a solid spiritual fulcrum of Buddhist followers.



Shirakawa-go Ancient Village is located at the foot of Haku-san Mountain, Gifu Prefecture, Central Japan. It was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1995. Peaceful, poetic and simple countryside scene in Shirakawa ancient village. Shirakawa-go is a gift that Japanese tourism brings to visitors. Lost in this village, you will feel like you are lost in the sweet fairy world. With more than 100 old houses built hundreds of years ago in the architectural style of Gassho-zukuri, which means “praying hands”. The roof is covered with thatched grass or very thick straw to support the layers of snow in winter. The roof is joined together like the image of hands clasped in prayer. This is also one of the borderless check-in location. In such a romantic and lovely setting, you can hardly contain it.

Genbaku Dome

vi 2872 mainimageWith the name Atomic Dome, the Hiroshima – Genbaku Dome peace memorial is a testament to the atomic bombs dropped by the US in 1945. Almost all guided tours take guests to the place. here and learn about the years of Japan’s history, pain and how they have revived a nation after fire. Coming to this Japanese tourist destination, you will experience a little sadness, a little pity, but you will leave with a state of admiration and pride for the resilience of the Japanese. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial – Genbaku Dome is considered by people around the world as a symbol of peace, calling on countries to give up nuclear weapons, war and love peace.

Jigoku Dani

33ab799a464961ded2618286fab99de6Have you ever seen adorable, mischievous monkeys living in the frozen snow? Come to Jigoku Dani Monkey Park for one-of-a-kind experiences. Bathing in hot springs is too familiar, but bathing in hot springs with monkeys is sure to not be tried. Trust me, this will be one of the most memorable showers of my life. In addition, if you have come to Japan, you should at least once soak in a hot spring to take care of your body the way the Japanese did. Guaranteed, the body will be healthier, the spirit will be more excited to have enough health for the upcoming journey.

Kinkaku-ji Temple

kyoto kinkakuji temple in summer 83252Famous in the ancient capital of Kyoto, surrounded by cool, deep green nature, Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto is an extremely famous architectural work. This golden temple has 3 floors with three architectural styles. , different cultures including Shinden, Bukkle and China, in front of the lake there is a conditioned lake, the surrounding climate is fresh and cool. In winter, when the snowflakes fall lightly, the scenery around the temple will be as beautiful as a picture, attracting all eyes. Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto is a serene, contemplative and elegant space that will unfold before your eyes.

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