Meaningful philanthropic activities by the beauty of Miss/Mrs Golden World Beauty Pageant 2019

The beauty honored in Miss/Mrs Golden World Beauty Pageant 2019 have jointly organize S.A.M (Stable Anchor Manor) for the philanthropic activities to support children with hardship and poverty in the South East Asia

miss golden world 1

Winning meaningful prizes of Miss/Mrs Golden World Beauty Pageant 2019, all Miss, runner-ups are not only the representative of physical look of the women but also totally aware of their mission of affection sharing

miss golden world 7

They, for the last days of the year, they have joined together to carry out meaningful actions for the children

miss golden world 14

Subsequently, they, together with SAM, have manually packaged food boxes to send to those with difficulty in SEA in Christmas Eve

miss golden world 16

All of them were  at the site very early, jointly fulfill all the items with the the hope that these gifts will reach the children quickly and this affection will warm up their hearts

miss golden world 13

These practical actions can not only send the love message to the children but also indicate that each beauty can feel deep inside their hearts the happiness they have transferred.

miss golden world 17

This philanthropy also helps their Christmas occasion be heated up when the love and affection  are spread out

Hereafter are the nice moments of the past activities.

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