Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur Huong Hoang expressed her feelings after 3 years of coronation

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The Miss Vietnam Entrepreneur Contest 2020 will officially take place on October 15. This is also the time when Miss Huong Hoang ended her term after 3 years of trying to fulfill the role of a beauty representative.

The beauty is both happy and a bit attached to what is already familiar. But after all, Huong Hoang feels relieved by what she has done, not to fall short of the expectations of those who love her.

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3 years is an unforgettable journey, when it comes to Miss Huong Hoang, people immediately imagine a beautiful, brave, successful woman in both career and life. She is active in all social activities, diligently building 3 charity schools for children in upland areas by herself, bringing the warmth of human love to the unhappy lives.

And today, in the press conference before the final of Miss Vietnam Business 2020, Miss Huong Hoang appeared splendid and arrogant like a lady. The spirit of confidence, friendliness, and radiance is this woman’s personality.

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Miss Huong Hoang with her husband at the press conference of the Miss Vietnam Entrepreneurs 2020 Contest

In a special moment about to close her beauty term, Huong Hoang gave her sincere thanks to the organizers of the program. She thanked the contest for becoming a stepping stone to make herself more stable, brave and responsible.

As a pioneer, Huong Hoang did not forget to send wishes to all contestants this year who will always be calm and confident in their competitions.

Below are pictures of Miss Huong Hoang in the recent special event:

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Miss Huong Hoang and singer Nguyen Vu

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