Never Do These Exercises Before Sleeping

Finding time for exercise is critical as you age, especially if you have a hectic life. That being said, it does not follow that any time is a good time to exercise.

Never Do These Exercises Before Sleeping
Never Do These Exercises Before Sleeping

Experts have previously stated that exercising at night would negatively influence our lifestyle since it interferes with our sleep. However, there is one type of exercise that is particularly detrimental to our bodies.

Avoid Strenuous Exercises Before Sleeping

While experts agree that moderate exercise before bed is OK, you should avoid overdoing it with your training program. We’ll discuss the types of exercise that are beneficial before bed in a moment, but for now, it’s worth understanding why you should avoid intense exercises this late.

According to, “doing intense activity 90 minutes before bed will make falling asleep more difficult.”

Additionally, a study supports this assertion. Research released in October 2018 discovered that exercising in the evening is not a significant concern. What is concerning is the intensity and the time of day you intend to sleep.

The study finds that “strenuous activity more than likely disrupts our sleep by providing us with temporary energy.” If you’re going to bed in a few hours, it’s typically advisable to avoid strenuous exercise.”

Recuperation time

Exercise at any other time is acceptable, but 90 minutes before bed is not ideal. According to, your body and mind require at least 90 minutes to calm down following hard activities or workouts. Thus, cardiovascular workouts are not beneficial at that point, as they are meant to improve energy levels and release endorphins.

Even though those activities are beneficial to our general health, they are not conducive to sleeping.

Sleep specialists have also weighed in on this, noting that exercise provides an energy boost via cortisol so it is a bad idea to do Exercises Before Sleeping. It is a hormone that is beneficial for raising our energy levels, however, it is detrimental while attempting to sleep well, since it encourages waking up or remaining awake.

In general, exercising too close to bedtime increases blood cortisol levels, making it more difficult to fall asleep and remain asleep.

It is so frequent that sleep experts have given it a name: runner’s insomnia. Take note that this is not limited to running.

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