Prada Goes Viral Again Following Karina and Lee Jae-Wook’s Dating News

Once again, Prada is becoming viral for serving as the “base” for dynamic news, such as dating reveals and controversies. 

On February 27, Dispatch revealed that aespa’s Karina and actor Lee Jae-wook were dating. According to the Dispatch’s original article, Karina and Lee Jae-wook “fell in love at first sight” after meeting at a Prada fashion show. As a result, a video of Karina and Lee Jae-wook attending Prada’s fashion show in Milan became viral quickly. 

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Meeting for the first time on the Prada show, Lee Jae Wook and Karina drew special attention from the audience due to their relaxing interactions. The two appeared delighted to be sitting next to each other in the front row of the concert. Although the young pair has just recently met, fans are able to capture numerous natural conversations between them.


On the other hand, “Prada curse” has been a prominent phrase on Chinese SNS Weibo for one amusing reason: the design house has consistently served as the “base” for revolutionary news, ranging from illicit actions, private life scandals, and dating revelations.

Prior to Karina and Lee Jae-wook “falling in love” with Prada, the brand signed with a number of ambassadors who later became embroiled in controversy, including Cai Xukun (demanding abortion), Ko Chentung (leaked intimate photos scandal), PGone (extramarital affair with Li Xiaolu), Li Yifeng (prostitution and tax evasion scandal), and Zheng Shuang (surrogacy and tax evasion scandal). 

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On the Korean side, Prada signed Irene and Chanyeol, who were accused of “power abuse” and “cheating” respectively. Jeon Somi, who became a Prada ambassador in 2022, has recently faced fire for supporting Starbucks.

As a result, many netizens are confused by Prada’s “luck,” that has been unable to break free from the “PR mess” for quite some time.

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