Storm Bella: high winds add to flooding chaos across France

Tens of thousands of households have suffered power outages and many flights have been delayed or forced to change direction. Brittany and Normandy in northern and western France were the first regions to experience power cuts. However, the electricity company Enedis said 18,000 households had electricity back by the end of December 27. Meanwhile, about 34,000 households in eastern and central France are still experiencing power outages when Hurricane Bella moves along the country.

More than a third of flights at Charles de Gaulle main airport in northern France were delayed on average 50 minutes due to the storm. ADP airport management agency said air traffic activity has returned to normal.

Storm Bella: high winds add to flooding chaos across France
Before landing in France, Storm Bella caused severe flooding in England. (Photo: The Sun)

Though, three flights had to change flight directions to Paris Orly airport in the south of Paris, while an Aeroflot flight had to land in Amsterdam and a flight to Luxembourg had to turn around due to a storm.

Storm Bella also caused the rugby match between Pau and Stade Francais to be delayed until 3pm because the team in Paris could not board the plane.

Storm Bella: high winds add to flooding chaos across France
It is forecasted that heavy snow will take place in the high south of France. (Photo: The Sun)

By the end of the afternoon of December 27, rain and wind had eased in some areas, but it is expected that heavy snowfall will take place in the highlands of southern France until December 28.

Before landing in France, storm Bella swept through some parts of England causing severe flooding. In the southern part of England, winds of up to 170 km / h were recorded on the Isle of Wight at dawn on December 27. About 20,000 households in Wales have been cut off power, while many trains have been delayed due to trees falling into the tracks.


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