Summer dress matching for the fall

Coordinate with a sweater

DressWith the way of wearing a sweater outside, the one-piece dress will turn into a flying skirt. Do not forget to fix the sweater so that the length of the sweater is only around the waist, creating a balanced layout for the body.

Mix layer with white shirt

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Adding a belt at the waist and a white shirt to wear inside, women will get a set of clothes that are both elegant and sweet, suitable for cold weather in early autumn.

Coordinate with black clothes

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Continuing the office style, a blazer with black handbag harmoniously depicts the image of a charming lady.

Combine with a cardigan

4 add cardigan

To keep warm and still trendy, one suggestion for you is to add a long neutral cardigan, roll up your sleeves and add a small belt.

Mix layer with turtleneck

5 layer a turtleneck 2216 1599710176

When it gets colder, turtleneck is the first choice for many girls. Besides, you can complete the look with blazer and felt hat.

Combine with boots


Instead of doll shoes or low cut boots, try combat boots. Colored items such as sweaters, backpacks or berets will bring harmony to the look.

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