The Benefits Of Commuting By Cycle

The Benefits Of Commuting By Cycle

Of course, this is only feasible if you live nearby – you don’t want to be tackling anything equivalent to a Tour de France stage twice a day. Although cycling accounts for less than 1% of total vehicle road traffic in the United Kingdom, several programs have been launched to encourage individuals to bike to work.

Indeed, about 180,000 individuals participate in cycle-to-work programs each year, with businesses providing incentives to employees. The fact is that there are several advantages to commuting by bike over other modes of transport; continue reading to learn more about them and why they may appeal to you.


Climate change and the influence of our lives on our environment are receiving increased attention. The UK government has pledged to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, so why not contribute by leaving your car at home during your commute? Commuting by cycle to work will help reduce carbon emissions from gasoline and diesel cars, therefore preserving our world for future generations.


Cycling also has a plethora of health advantages. It can aid with weight loss, muscular growth, cardiovascular fitness, and the prevention of respiratory disease. Additionally, it is a low-impact type of exercise, which means that your hips, knees, and ankles will not be as stressed as they would be if you walked or ran the same distance.


Cycling to work may also benefit your bank account. By taking public transportation or leaving the vehicle at home – or perhaps selling it entirely – you may save a lot of money. Of course, there may be additional costs – for instance, emergency repairs may prompt you to seek a negative credit loan if you often struggle to obtain credit and have no alternative means of transportation to the office. You must always evaluate your financial position carefully if you do decide to apply for a loan.


Say goodbye to sleepless rides on crowded, overheated public transportation that leave you more exhausted than when your alarm went off. Rather than that, Commuting by cycle to work to get your endorphins flowing. When you arrive, freshen up with a shower and you’ll be ready to take on the day, wow your superiors, and progress your career.

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