The image of mothers on a Vietnamese theater stage

Vietnamese mothers 1

From traditional mothers

Most plays talk about images of a sacrificial and enduring Vietnamese mother. No matter how difficult or cruel, many mothers are still the pillars for the whole family to depend on.

Like the mother character in the drama “Dieu oi” of the Ho Chi Minh Small Theater (Stage 5B), being both a mother and a grandmother to nurture and take care of her crazy daughter because she was adulterated and Grandchild was still too young.

Vietnamese mothers 2

She was alone in her trade, both supporting her family and protecting her children when being bullied; then exhausted, she leaned on the shoulder of her neighbor’s friend, breathing her last. Meritorious Artist Quynh Huong excelled, with her skinny body reminiscent of maternal grandparents in the memory of the audience, touched viewers with tears.

Vietnamese mothers 3

To unusual mothers

The stage also has images of mothers who are not traditionally, but have special circumstances, giving birth to a special personality. Like the mother in the show “Nguoi me va nguoi tinh” of the Phu Nhuan Theater (which won the gold medal at the 2009 National Drama Festival and was rebuilt last year), played by People’s Artist Hong Van.

Vietnamese mothers 4

She strongly raised her children in widowhood and also vigorously sought her love at the age of 60. She knew how to live for herself, not afraid of the pressure of public opinion and children. However, she stumbled upon a plot to divide her children fiercely, because she also imposed her children against them to live true to themselves.

Another mother – in “Ngoi nha khong co dan ong “(The house without a man)(used to be a hit drama at Stage 5B), just because she was betrayed, she gave birth to life hatred, forbid all children of the house from thinking love story.

Vietnamese mothers 5

People’s Artist Kim Xuan excelled in expressing the authoritarian, cold character of this maternal character, but hidden behind it was still the deep love and tenderness of the woman. Seeing the way grandma caresses her grandchild reluctantly, I can see how much she feels after the hatred subsides.

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