The Rock pokes fun at himself in childhood picture

On Instagram, Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed The Rock, makes fans excited by sharing childhood photos. The 48-year-old actor captioned: “Back when I was 7 years old in Hawaii, it looked so funny with rabbit teeth and an aloha shirt. It is impossible to think that this kid grew up to be the sexiest man in the world“.

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Dwayne Johnson at 7 years old.

The actor humorously mentioned the title of the sexiest man on the planet voted for him by People magazine in 2016. Dwayne attached a smiley to tears and hashtags “HellooooLadies”, “SmellsLikeHotDogs”,” KingOf2ndGrade”.

The photo received more than 4 million “likes” and countless comments from friends and fans. Jumanji co-star Kevin Hart posted a series of smileys filled with tears and commented: “You make me laugh so hard!”. Many fans commented that The Rock was very funny when he was a kid and not like it now.

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Dwayne Johnson was honored by People magazine in 2016. 
Dwayne Johnson was born and raised in Hawaii, the son of wrestler Rocky Johnson. As an adult, he followed his father’s career to become a world famous wrestler. In 2001, The Rock entered cinema with the role of King Scorpio in the movie The Mummy Returns.
The role, though minor, was so impressive that he was later invited by director Chuck Russell to star in the 2002 movie Scorpio. Dwayne’s love for cinema made him decide to give up his career as a martial artist to pursue an acting job. The former wrestler continues to make a name for himself with the films Hercules, Fast & Furious, Jumanji, Hobbs & Shaw …

Dwayne is loved by audiences with her muscular hero image in action movies. The actor sympathizes with his gentle face, a radiant smile, but his extremely muscular body. Not only on the screen, Dwayne in real life is also admired by fans. He is currently the American male star with the most followers on Instagram with 200 million followers.


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