Tips for Staying Fit During the Tet Holiday

Too much food and sweets during Tet cause your weight loss goal to fall to pieces? Rest assured, ILLUME eMAG has you covered with the tips listed below.

  1. Eat veggies before meals fresh vegetables and fruits royalty free image Mua rau sach hcm

Tet meals are commonly made mainly of pre-cooked meat dishes, with little regard for nutritious veggies. Eating vegetables before meals could assist you to avoid eating too much meat and fatty foods. Prepare some of your favorite vegetables by boiling or steaming them. They not only make you feel better after eating too many meat-based meals, but they also help you lose weight.

  1. Get rid of fat

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Foods that are fried, fried, or cooked with a lot of fat is overwhelming on the digestive system and could make you gain weight! You must either limit your consumption or find a way to remove them.

  1. Chocolate instead of candy

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Instead of buying an abundance of sweets for Tet, go for chocolate. Chocolate could satisfy your sweet tooth even when a mountain of sweets is in front of you, while also reducing weight gain.

  1. Eat frozen grapes

If you haven’t overcome your sweet tooth, consider eating fruit to reduce sugar absorption. Grapes are the best fruit to eat since they contain a lot of healthy sugars. Grapes will harden like candy when frozen, but they will taste sweeter and more delightful than candy.

  1. Eat your daily meals early

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On Tet, try to stick to a set menu. Furthermore, you should eat rice early in the day, especially in the evening. The earlier you eat, the more time your body has to digest, preventing food from accumulating and forming extra fat.

  1. It’s better to eat than drink

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If you have the same number of calories, it is preferable to consume sugar rather than drink it. Because water has lost a significant quantity of fiber, eating fruit can help you lose weight faster than drinking juice. The same is true for side dishes and desserts.

  1. Drink enough water

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You forget to drink water because you consume too much food and soft drinks. Take note: drinking filtered water not only helps to improve the skin, but it also helps to restrict the quantity of food consumed, decreasing the feeling of gnawing hunger.

  1. Spring travel


Consider spring travel if you live near a friend’s or relative’s house. Walking helps you experience the Tet atmosphere more clearly, and it also allows your body to digest the quantity of food consumed.

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