VINA Nails Cup 2022 – A Hot Playground To All The Passionate Nails Artist

Vietnamese Innovative Nail Appreciation – Vina Nails Cup 2022, organized by Long Nguyen, will take place online in Toronto, Canada. This is a competition welcoming talented nail artists from all over the world to showcase their skills and creativity. 

VINA Nails Cup is a global nail competition for all contestants from all over the world, regardless of their nationalities. With interesting themes this year, the contest will have 2 rounds to find out the Top 15 contestants, and the Top 3 winners. Moreover, there will be 4 extra prizes: Extreme Nail Award, Nail Salon Award, The Best Nail Shape Award, and The Best Magazine Cover Award.

VINA Nails Cup 2022
The theme of the first round is “LOVE”

In the contest, one of the most essential parts must be experienced judges. The members of the jury are all major competition winners who have a wealth of knowledge to ensure fairness in the selection of the top contestants. 

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Yi Vouch Chou, Maximiliano Cortez, Lorena Leon, and Hong Nhung will be the Extreme Nail judges
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4 Nail Salon Judges will be Tran Nam, Vin Chen, Helen Nguyen, and Honey Phan
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For The Best Nail Shape Award, there will be 2 judges: Tuan Anh Nguyen and Tony Pham
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Especially, Editor in chief Alan Fox will be The Best Magazine Cover Judge
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Last but not least, Kim Nguyen will be the Best Canadian Nail Artist Judge

Additionally, there will be 5 advisors, including Hua Thanh Vy, David Hoang, Amy Nguyen, Loi Nguyen, and Christine Lam. They may share all their extensive knowledge of nails and competitive experience to the participants.

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All the representatives, judges, and advisors of the contest

Mr. Long Nguyen – the representative and organizer has shared: “As a nail artist, I am quite familiar with the desires of each competitor in the program. Everyone desires an opportunity and recognition for their talents.  Like all contests Long hosted in the past, Long wants this contest to be a stepping stone for everyone to advance in their experience.”

He also gives messages to all the participants: “Long wants to encourage the competitors this year to take risks and offer themselves the chance to compete in a challenging international tournament. Even if they don’t place first, they will still gain experience for the next competitions. For everyone, experiential learning is never unnecessary.”

Mr. Long Nguyen is a nail artist who organizes and gives advice to many different competitions. He has also won Nail industry prestigious awards such as 1st Place International Nail Championship Nail Safari Premium 3D Mix Media, CND Master Painting Certified 2018, CND Best Academic Award 2018, and CND Best Overall Award 2018. 

long nguyen 4
He has been a judge for many different contests

Moreover, he has also been in the hot seat of many programs such as Judge of World Competition Online PMU Lashes and Nails Switzerland 2021, Judge of Worldwide Beauty Competition 2021 in Canada, Judge of Kingdom Beauty Crown Lash-Brow-Nail Conference & Championship 2021, Golden Bulgarian Rose International Championship 2021 Competition… This year, he won’t be the judge of the VINA Nails Cup to create a certain fairness for the contest.

With the theme “LOVE”, round 1 of the VINA Nails Cup will end on January 25, 2023, and Round 2,  which will determine the program’s winner, will run from January 25 to February 20. Vina Nails Cup will award prizes in the Gala Night of Honor of the Vietnamese Nail Industry hosted in Canada. 

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