What to do for your mom on March 8

Although it is International Women’s Day, our mothers deserve our gratitude the most. So, what is your plan to give her on March 8? If you still don’t know what to give her, here are some suggestions from illume-emag.

Clean the house

Simple and practical, you wouldn’t want your mom to work on one of her off days, would you? You just need to quietly wake up early and do all the chores that your mother has to do every day. Like cleaning the house, cooking, cleaning the bathroom, keeping the room smelling fresh, etc. Ask your dad and brothers to help if they are available. Surely your mother will be surprised and happy that the whole family did something like this just for her.

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Make breakfast

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Again, you might need your dad and siblings for help. Mom usually does all the cooking, so to do what she does, we need all the help we can get. Remember to plan out what you want and what you can cook for March 8, because it might be a bit messy when everything starts. But, think of how happy your mom would be when she sees a table full of delicious goodies. I assure you; all the work will be worth it.

Buy her flowers.

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If you and the rest of the family (except your mom) are on a tight schedule, you can buy her flowers. Most women would appreciate flowers; they are the representatives of beauty, after all. It is beautiful, mostly cheap and meaningful, and it tells her how beautiful she is to you.

Buy a potted plant

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Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they do last a long time, and mom is the one who manages family expenses, so some moms would say flowers are a waste of money. To avoid this, you can give her a potted plant. It could be flowers or a small fruit plant like a tomato. Not only would it last longer, but it gives your mother something to do when her hand is free. Taking care of a plant can relieve stress, especially one that can give you something back at the end, giving the scent of accomplishment.


As said, mom usually does everything around the house, so if we can’t help her directly, there are still ways that can make her work a bit easier. By buying the right housewares, you can help your mom with her work without even being there. It could be a new pan to replace that 5-year-old one your house already has, or if you have the money, buy a dishwasher. That surely help her out a lot. Whatever it is, your mom will remember you when she uses the thing that you bought.

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Handmade gifts

Handmade items can be handkerchiefs, scented candles, decorative confetti, family photo albums, etc. Despite no value in common sense, to your mom they are priceless.

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