Inspiration of the Glamorous for 2023 Special Occasion Collection by 3T Fabulous & CO.

You’re bold, dramatic, dreamy, and idealistic. You long for a richly limitless life of luxury. You know what you want.

And you don’t give a damn about what anybody thinks about you and your goals. You get nostalgic easily and are extremely sentimental.

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You are optimistic and determined and don’t lack effort in anything you do. But you love to slow down and pamper yourself.

You might be flirty and sassy, unafraid of confidently flaunting your best qualities and sharing your heart. To you, basic is boring and lacks character, you prefer to feel dressed up even on casual occasions – It is all or nothing!
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Life is a party, and you believe that ordinary moments can easily be turned into “special occasions” worthy of treating yourself and those you love to something extravagant.
That is what life’s all about!
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The style that best exemplifies these personality traits is the fancy, glitzy, sexy but elegant glamour of chic, classic Hollywood movie stars. You find a lot of inspiration from vintage films, red carpet premieres, elaborate mansions, cocktail parties, European architecture, haute couture fashion shows, and cities at night.”
Models from VIRGELIA Productions (818) 438-7747
Charlie Lowe – Mrs. Europe Global
Diane York – Mrs. Germany
Maia Kahloh – Mrs. Japan
Emma Yu – Miss Teen Korea
Ariana Pineda – Miss Korea
Photos: Huy Khiem Photography (714) 925-2610
Makeup & Hair:
Travis Vu (714) 715-8138
Jacky Tai (714) 722-8287
Tam Vo (714) 471-3648
Gowns by 3T Fabulous & Co. (866) 605-2003

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