3 ways to prevent relationships jealousy

One of typical relationship that people rarely get to avoid is relationships jealousy. Because it’s a common feeling that develops when someone is apprehensive about their relationship is jealousy (whether that relationship is with a romantic partner, a parent, a sibling, or a friend). Everyone goes through periods of feeling envious. Yet when envy transforms from a good feeling to an undesirable and unreasonable one, issues may occur.

Excessive and irrational jealousy can ultimately end a relationship. To overcome this feeling and deepen your connection, learn how to cope with jealousy and insecurity in a relationship.

What is jealousy and its role in a relationship?

According to Psychology Today, jealousy is “an emotion that encompasses feelings ranging from suspicion to rage to fear to humiliation. It strikes people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations, and is most typically aroused when a person perceives a threat to a valued relationship from a third party. The threat may be real or imagined.

So jealousy is a response to an imagined or real danger to a cherished connection. The envious spouse worries that someone else is vying for their loved one’s attention. Jealousy may be problematic since an insecure spouse may also experience rage, disdain, anxiety, and depression along with it. 

3 ways to prevent relationships jealousy:

In a relationship, a little envy may be comforting, and it can even be ingrained in us. Without addressing it, there is no reason to think that jealousy will get better. Wishful thinking won’t help you get rid of your jealousy. It requires awareness and effort to go through these sentiments since they have deep roots and reach directly to the center of the person. 

Identify Your Unspoken Needs

First things to help you not stepping to a relationships jealousy, you will need to learn vulnerability, this might be challenging. When a third party is involved in the envy, you should evaluate yourself to assist you sort through the complex emotional web. You don’t want to act on presumptions or fall into the trap of transferring problems or experiences from the past onto your current relationship.

 relationships jealousy
You can share your concern with your friends

Asking oneself these questions can serve as a quick self-assessment:

  • What does the feeling mean to me?
  • Which parts of this relationship do I feel invisible?
  • What do I believe this other person is getting out of this connection that I am no longer receiving?
  • What makes me think I’m losing, exactly?

Unmet needs might become apparent by taking the time to reflect and provide answers to these questions. You may choose how you want to proceed in response to your sentiments after you have obtained this new viewpoint.

Share your feelings with your partner

If you begin to enumerate all the things that your spouse does that make you envious, it will be simple for them to become defensive got into relationships jealousy. Instead of starting from a place of blame or accusations, focus on your thoughts and concerns.

Instead of “you” comments, think about employing “I” statements. For instance:

Instead of saying, “You make me really jealous when you do X,” say, “I feel envious when I watch you do X, and I wanted to talk about that.”

Instead of saying, “You’re making me so jealous lately,” try saying, “I want to discuss some jealous sentiments I’ve been having.”

Establish a trustworthy relationship

Building a culture of trust is one of the best methods to prevent envy. Because if you don’t feel jealous or envy or insecure, relationships jealousy won’t happen. Being trustworthy by both partners is the first step in this process. In other words, they are dependable, devoted, and sincere.

Lies concerning one’s time management are not told by trustworthy individuals. They do not also cheat on their partners. The relationship will become more trusting and jealousy will be overshadowed if you both watch out for these hazards.

 relationships jealousy
Trust is the key to strengthen your relationship

In a relationship, two people must express their love for one another, spend time together, and grow close. Any dangers to your attachment should raise red flags. When a relationship is in danger, it’s normal to feel jealous.

Hope the information above was able to assist you in locating the answers you required. Although jealousy might be a difficult feeling to control, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to. After all, relationship jealousy can be prevented if you have good communication, strong understanding, and future love bliss.

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