4 factors that can harm your lungs

Our lungs are very important, lungs are what keep your body alive and yet most of us often ignore our duty of protecting it.

Have you known about the lung’s function yet? The lungs’ primary function is to transport oxygen from the air we breathe into our blood cells (red blood cells). The oxygen is subsequently carried throughout the body by red blood cells, where it is used by cells in the internal organs. When we exhale, the lungs also help the body get rid of CO2. Yet we sometimes overlook our lung health by developing bad habits. Today, ILLUME eMAG will expose to you these bad habits for the lungs.


As we all know, smoking can significantly damage your lung capacity, or how much oxygen-rich air your lungs are able to hold. When you smoke, the structure of your lungs changes, making it harder for your lungs to expand and contract the way they normally do during breathing. In fact, smoking changes your lungs, all the way down to the tiny cilia and capillaries that work to bring in oxygen and remove toxins. Smoking also increases inflammation in the lungs. When inflammation occurs, your lungs produce a lot more mucus, interfering with both lung capacity and oxygen exchange. Quitting smoking helps restore many of these structures and processes, so your lungs can work as they should.

Poor body

Slumping and slouching is bad for your back, and they’re bad for your lungs, too. That’s because when you slouch or hunch over, there’s less room for your lungs to expand. Even a little bit of compression can alter the way your lungs work, making it more difficult for your lungs to take in oxygen and disperse it through the bloodstream. Poor posture can also lead to shallow breathing. By taking full breaths, our body will receive as much oxygen as possible. Over time, shallow breathing can actually weaken your lungs, making it more difficult to fill your lungs to capacity.

Neglecting exercises

When you’re active, your muscles and other tissues need more oxygen. Due to the increased need for oxygen intake, your lungs will have to work harder. Over time, regular exercise helps your lungs get stronger, improving their overall function. Plus, breathing more frequently will lead to your lung capacity can also be improved. Aerobic exercises like walking, biking, or swimming are great for your lungs and your heart, too. But exercises that strengthen your back, your core muscles, and even your neck are also important, because they better inhalation and exhalation by improving your body’s airway.

Not wearing a mask when going out

Due to the current era of our world, air pollution has slowly become a serious problem for all of us. Many pollutants, chemicals and other harmful substances outside the house harm us. Especially they have more effect on the lungs. Hence it is very important to take precautions to protect your lungs from harmful exposure. Due to our current situation leaving our house without a mask on our face is ill-advised. If possible, avoid going to more polluted places.

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