4 reasons not to use your phone as an alarm clock

Mobile phone alarms can adversely affect sleep

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When you reach for your cell phone to set an alarm time, you may also get used to surfing social media or doing other tasks on your phone. Not only does this shorten your sleep time, but the blue light from your phone also affects the quality of your sleep, seriously disturbing sleep.

Cell phone alarms can upset your morning routine

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Similar to the above, when holding your mobile phone in hand, you can automatically check email and text messages. And this, of course, will take you longer than originally intended. After that, you have to continue completing your morning schedule in a hurry, tangerine.

Mobile phone alarm sounds can be hard to hear

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Since it’s not as “noisy” as a traditional alarm clock, you can easily miss the ringing of your mobile phone. In addition, we are also used to the sound that mobile phones make during the day so the alarm effect may not be as expected, especially when we sleep deeply.

The alarm function does not work when mobile phone is out of battery

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Because of this, if you do not want to be late on an important day, it is better to use the traditional alarm clock. Even if you get in the habit of charging your phone frequently, you may not notice the battery is running low, or you may fall asleep and forget to charge your phone.

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