5 signs you are too lazy to exercise

Puffiness appearance

Bọng mắt xuất hiện do cơ thể bị tích nước.

Puffiness can be caused by lack of sleep, poor sleep, and can also be caused by fluid retention. Sedentary lifestyle causes the body to accumulate water. You should practice yoga, especially the postures that put pressure on the head to increase blood circulation, help reduce dark circles, puffiness.


Constipation can arise from many causes, one of which is the habit of sitting a lot and being sedentary. Exercise helps increase bowel movements, lack of movement makes the digestive system inefficient, causing flatulence, constipation. If you do not have time to exercise or walk, you can perform simple muscle stretches in 5 minutes to improve the health of the digestive system, prevent constipation.

Craving for sweets

Thiếu vận động khiến bạn thèm ăn đồ ngọt.

Physical activity helps fight sugar cravings effectively. Exercise increases energy and releases endorphins, helping to increase feelings of happiness. These happy hormones will significantly reduce your cravings for sweets. Adequate exercise also helps prevent depression, improves mood, thereby helping you avoid eating emotionally.


One study found that people with sedentary lifestyles showed structural changes in the brain in the middle temporal lobe area. This area is responsible for memory abilities. If you find yourself forgetful, you may be doing too little exercise. Research has shown that exercise enhances memory.

Knee hurts

Tập thể dục thường xuyên giúp tăng cường cơ bắp và giúp xương khớp linh hoạt hơn.

Movement is the key to loosening stiff joints. Exercise can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, especially low-impact cardio exercises. Patients with chronic knee pain should exercise. Regular exercise helps to strengthen the muscles and makes the bones and joints more flexible.

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