All of us enjoy the feeling of being able to meet our family members in Thanksgiving and enjoy a feast full of delicacies, but some people think that Thanksgiving is bad for their diet.

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Thanksgiving only comes once a year, many people adore this holiday and will try to enjoy its feasts as much as they can. During this time, some people may overenjoy the feast and increase the food intake too much which lead to weight increase afterward. In order to prevent this regretful event from happening, Illume will share with you some tips to save your weight from such tragedy.

Being Active

Having some exercise before eating your beloved Thanksgiving feast is never a bad idea. By creating for yourself a calorie-burning exercise is the most ideal way to do so. It is recommended that doing exercise during the holiday is a winning formula to prevent weight gain during holidays. Due to the number of calories that will be eaten on the day of the feast, it is advisable to increase the intensity of your exercise sessions. It is hard to exercise during the holiday but you should try to motivate yourself so that you don’t have to feel regret after the feast.

Do not skip breakfast

People often skip breakfast so that they can eat more during the feast because of hunger, this is a very big mistake. Skipping breakfast can lead you to overeat at the feast and increase your calories intake. Prepare for yourself a breakfast consisting of an egg and a slice of toast so that your body can have enough energy until the feast starts.

Rationalize your portions

Thanksgiving feasts are colorful and beautiful displays of traditional favorite dishes. It’s hard for you to resist the temptation of filling your plate with all the foods that your dish can carry. Before you do so, take a step back and think carefully about your choice of food. Who wants to waste such an opportunity to eat all of those amazing dishes? You may think so but carefully choosing your food will help you in the long run. Prioritize foods that you can eat only at Thanksgiving, make sure to rationalize your portion for that first, and then add in some other foods that are available the whole year.

Eat slowly

We all know that during these feasts, eating things fast so that you can eat more is all we usually do. You don’t have to be concerned about this if getting in shape is not your top priority, but if you do, we suggest you eat slowly. You can enjoy your meal to the fullest and help your digestive system when eating slowly.

Slowly digesting your food will help you feel full for a longer period of time and prevent you from feeling hungry in the middle of the night and looking for snacks in midnight which can increase your weight.

Reduce your alcohol consumption

Thanksgiving is also the time of the year that we indulge ourselves in the pleasure of alcohol. Alcohol-filled drinks such as beer and wine contain a lot of calories, drinking a lot of these beverages can turn your calories loss effort throughout the year to become pointless. Furthermore, drinking too much can damage your liver and ruin your family dinner while being drunk

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