7 crystals for beginners that you should try

Follow us as we kickstart your crystal journey with these 7 crystals for beginners that you should try.

Beginning your crystal journey with a thrilling first step into the metaphysical world can be a bit overwhelming at first mainly due to the wide variety of crystals out there. Not mentioning the nitty-gritty work after acquiring those crystals back to your home such as setting intentions, cleansing your crystals, and taking proper care of them might discourage some people from owning these wonderful crystals.
Fear not, everything starts with small steps in the right direction, and with the proper guidance, you can master these steps and incorporate this routine into your daily lives in no time.

1. Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz is an amazing crystal for beginners, it promotes love, relationships, friendships, fertility, and ultimately recovery. This is the perfect crystal for those who seek unconditional love and heal their inner self.
It is believed to replace negative energy with loving ones and allow people to forgive themselves and others, while also being used to aid in boosting fertility.

2. Amethyst

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Another recommended crystal on the list is amethyst, amethyst is the crystal of emotional balance, confidence, and protection. Since amethyst is known for its balancing and centering abilities, many people choose amethyst as an accessory or to decorate their living spaces with this quartz.
Mainly because it can soothe out the bad energies and bring balance to those who wear it or any kind of space that you put them in.

3. Clear Quartz

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Clear quartz is one of the best crystals for people who just started out their crystal journey aside from rose quartz. Clear quartz promotes healing, energy, and psychic abilities, and another attribute that clear quartz carries is its amplification qualities.
Set your intentions to the crystal, this will enhance them and assist you in achieving your goals. Other crystals can be reprogrammed and cleansed using clear quartz.

4. Black Obsidian

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Black obsidian has been one of the best beginner crystals available, this beautiful natural stone is formed by cooled-down volcanic lava. Black obsidian can have many different qualities to it, but the most well-known tend to be grounding and protection. Uncertainty can also be resolved by using this stone.
Black Obsidian can ward off the negative energy around you and provide you with protection, an excellent stone for anyone who is looking for some extra protection these days.

5. Green Aventurine

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Green Aventurine is a great stone for deep healing. The color green is symbolic of nature, the coming of spring, fresh life, renewal, and healing. It is said to bring fortune and new opportunities everywhere you go.
Increase your chances of success in all of your life ventures. This is fantastic for removing energy blockages and is a natural healing powerhouse.

6. Lapis Lazuli

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Even though lapis lazuli is a more sophisticated gemstone, it is indeed a better place to start for anyone looking for developing their own intuition and perhaps even untapped psychic abilities. Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone with a long history of being adored by pharaohs, deities, and artists.
It is stunning in blue, Lapis Lazuli was once the main ingredient as people used to grind this stone into powder, and was used to paint Mary Magdalene’s robe. This is definitely not a gemstone to be missed out on!

7. Citrine

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Last but not least, citrine. Citrine is a beautiful crystal with its signature bright yellow color, this is a crystal of happiness, abundance, prosperity, and abundance. Citrine can help you change your mental state from scarcity to abundance. It can also revitalize you and give you the sense of purposeful strength that each day demands.

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