7 Russia delicacies that you should try

Traveling to Russia and exploring its beautiful sceneries is an experience that every one of us should try at least once in our life, but it would be a shame if you forget to taste the vast variety of Russian delicacies during your travel.  

When speaking about Russia, many people will mention the country’s size, its people and its impressive sceneries but not many of us mention about the culinary side of Russia. As a country with rich history, its culinary aspect is not something to ignore either. Today, Illume eMag will show you some Russian delicacies that you must try when you travel to Russia.

Red radish soup

RBMain Red beet soup – Borshch, a classic traditional Russian dish that you cannot miss. The main ingredients to make this dish are red radish and beef. Red radish plays a role in creating the color and characteristic flavor of this famous soup, preferably the one with both skin and intestines being red to make the dish look its best. And remember while simmering radishes in bone broth, add bay leaves, dill and even sour cream sauce. Traveling to Russia in the summer, this dish can be eaten cold, and in winter, it can be eaten hot, bringing great flavor.

Pelmeni cake

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The next of the traditional Russian dishes is Pelmeni, also known as happy cake. The cake is made simply, the crust is made from flour and the inside is meat and onion filling and then boiled. In a normal batch of cakes, there will be a cake containing a coin in the filling, if eaten, this cake will signal good news about money and wealth. Different types of filling represent other meanings as well, for example, vegetable filling represents happiness and chili filling represents love.

Russian salad

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There is no need to go to Russia, in any country there can be a Russian salad for an appetizer, and we know that it is the culinary brand of the country of birch. Russian salad ingredients include diced vegetables – roots – fruits, eggs, smoked meat, ham, corn… mixed with mayonnaise. In Russia, it is also used as an appetizer or eaten with bread, so don’t forget to enjoy this familiar dish in its homeland.

Pirozhki cake

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During a trip to Russia, visitors will often enjoy Pirozhki cake, because it is suitable for a light meal to recharge visitors after sightseeing but still very delicious. In fact, this is a beautiful and very rustic little scones of the Russian people. The inside includes ingredients such as meat, potatoes, cabbage and cheese. Pirozhki cakes look quite similar to breads in other countries, but their taste is very unique and different.

Blini Cake

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Made from wheat, oat flour and buckwheat covered with many different fillings such as cheese, jam, chocolate, tuna, traditional caviar… for diners to choose from. They are a favorite and never absent from the Russian New Year Maslenita. However, not necessarily on this holiday, visitors can enjoy Blini while walking in any street, in Russian restaurants.

Russia Bread

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One of the traditional Russian dishes that cannot be ignored is bread. Although bread is a familiar dish found everywhere, but through the Russian cooking method, it suddenly became a specialty. Black bread is the most famous and associated with Russian cultural characteristics, it shows hospitality when the host gives guests bread or treats guests with bread during the meal. Even in Russian proverbs, black bread is likened to “father”. The delicacy is made from black flour and sometimes according to the recipe, they will silage the ingredients. The finished product is a fragrant, dense cake, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Kasha porridge


If black bread is likened by Russian folk to a father, Kasha is to them like a mother. This is a common cereal dish in every Russian meal, and is thoroughly cooked into porridge when cooked with meat, milk and various vegetables. This traditional Russian dish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner and any age will love it. At each age, people eat Kasha porridge cooked with different ingredients: children eat mannaya porridge cooked from ground wheat grains and cooked with milk; Adults eat porridge cooked from buckwheat seeds, but kutia is served at funerals. Kasha porridge is especially good for the heart, for sick people and children. During your trip to Russia, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this dish.

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