7 types of shoes that every girl should have

Not only the clothes that you wear on your body is important, what you wear on your foot is also what can make or break your perfect appearance. 

A perfect outfit is a combination of many types of fashion items, from clothes, accessories to hairstyles, everything that you wear is a part of your image in others’ eyes. Sometimes, a perfect outfits can be ruined by the wrong selection of footwear. To avoid these situation caused by wrong footwear, it is advised to have many different shoes types in your collection. So today, Illume will show you different types of shoes that every girl should have.

1. Nude high heels

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Close up of slim legs of woman wearing high heel shoes

Easy to combine with many outfits, many styles are nude women’s high heels. You can wear it with jeans to create a strong, modern style or with an elegant and gentle skirt. Not to mention the height and skin tone will help you cheat your height significantly. With the morning rush to work, when you don’t know what shoes to wear to match your outfit, wear these nude women’s high heels as a safe and effective solution! Pay attention to choose colors that are the same skin tone, or a little lighter to flatter the skin.

2. Silver high heels

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Perfect shoes for girls when attending parties or important events. The silver color is just enough to stand out, attract but not ruin or overwhelm the outfit you are wearing above because this is a neutral color. This will be a perfect backup shoe for the surprise parties you’ll have to attend. A magical shoe that completes and elevates your outfit in a snap. Invest in a pair of silver shoes with good materials, comfortable to walk because these shoes can accompany you for many years because of the fashion that never goes out of fashion of this powerful shoe.

3. White sneakers

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When wearing white sneakers, it will immediately bring youthfulness and dynamism. This is a shoe model with the same color as it is easy to coordinate but the effect is always surprising. White sneakers can be combined with shorts, fabric pants, jeans, skirts or skirts. You can wear it in a youthful and dynamic style with a skirt when walking on the street, going out with friends or wearing an elegant, modern style with jeans, trousers when going to work, neutral colored sneakers These are all responsive.

4. Good quality sneakers for outdoor activities

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Join an outdoor team building, go on a picnic or just go to the gym every day. You need to have a good quality, comfortable sneaker that will support and protect your feet during strenuous physical activities. Emphasis is on investing in a really good pair of shoes that will help you avoid pain and damage to your feet in particular and the body in general. This is not only a matter of fashion but also a matter of health. Surely you don’t want to give up the journey because the leg pain can’t continue, right?

5. Sandals

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For travel, going to the beach, going for a walk or going to the supermarket near home, flat sandals are a great friend. Comfort and convenience are what flat sandals bring. You can choose for yourself a pair according to your preferences, the style that you often wear with the important note that the sandal must bring a comfortable feeling when worn. This is a shoe model that you need to use all the time, so don’t hesitate to invest if you find a pair of sandals that suit your taste and fit.

6. Black Boots

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High or low neck boots, how high the soles are depended on your preferences and suitability for your body. In every girl’s collection, there must be at least one pair of black boots. Why is it black because this makes the color easy to combine, easy to be beautiful and never boring to look at. In addition to keeping your feet warm, boots also make your style more stylish and personal than dfu for your clothes to be feminine.

7. Black High Heels

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If you are an office girl, or have to receive guests, meet partners, you cannot lack these black high heels in your wardrobe. Bring a polite, professional image but still extremely proud to the wearer. These are the shoes that score ten when you want to be a fashionable, full-fledged office lady with women’s work shoes. You can choose suede or smooth leather according to your preference. But it is revealed that the suede surface will create a new and more youthful feeling, while the smooth surface will create a neat and classic look.

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