8 available edible insects

If you are getting too familiar with daily meals or want a bravery test, try the dishes that have those buddies from below. Not only are they delicious, but you must have a strong will to do so.


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Along with grasshoppers, crickets are the most consumed insects worldwide. This may be because the nutritional balance offered by crickets is truly phenomenal. Crickets’ nutty, crunchy taste is one of the factors that makes them so appealing as a snack. They have a pleasant texture and will not leave a bad aftertaste. This makes them an ideal substrate for additional tastes such as spice, lime, curry, peanut sauce, and others. The only limit is your imagination.


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Mealworms are a lot like beef in terms of their nutrition since they have a balanced diet of fat and protein. The flavor of mealworms lies somewhere on the spectrum between seeds and nuts, with a hint of spice.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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Because of the high fat and protein content of the black soldier fly larvae, they are easy to use in all kinds of culinary dishes. Humans are only starting to catch on to what chicks, pigs, trout, and tilapia have known all along: these larvae are nutritious and delicious.

Buffalo worms

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Contrary to its name, it is a type of beetle. The flavor of buffalo worms is softer and nuttier than that of mealworms. A supermarket shopper in western Germany served samples of buffalo worm burgers that pleasantly surprised customers. Some felt there was enough of a taste and texture likeness for meat substitution.


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With a sense similar to mushrooms, grasshopper flavor has complexity. Like crickets, grasshoppers are known as protein-rich foods, with nearly 80% protein in some species.


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Compared to other varieties of popular insects on the market, ants taste zesty, spicy, and peppery. They may be used to spice up foods by sprinkling them on top.


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Silkworms are most commonly eaten whole in the larvae or pupae growth stages. They are especially popular in Asia as a snack served on the street. They have a slightly bitter smell and flavor. Their texture is soft and pudding-like.


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Cicadas are a rare sight because they live underground, feasting on tree roots for most of their lives. Some species live there for up to 17 years. Once their cycle ends, they come aboveground in a mass for mating season. Like other insects, cicadas are also high in protein, and they taste asparagus-like when dry roasted.

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