8 health benefits that yoga give us

It can be said that yoga is a blessing for all of us because of the multiple health benefits that yoga can give our bodies and its convenience.

When mentioning about ways to improve our bodies, some of us will choose the gym, practicing some types of martial arts. If you want to improve your health without going outside, yoga is the best choice for you. Despite the minimal equipment requirements, yoga actually provides us with a countless number of health benefits. Today Illume-eMag will show you the health effects that yoga gives us.

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Help you lose weight

All exercise will help you burn calories and anyone who has ever taken an advanced yoga class will agree that it is as strenuous as any other exercise. The advantage of this form of exercise is how it increases your body awareness. Some vigorous yoga exercises can get your heart rate up and your metabolism up to help burn calories. Many studies show that it can reduce appetite and help lose weight effectively.

Reduce the risk of injury

This is a low-impact sport that is gentle on the body. It also helps prevent injuries from other sports by correcting muscle imbalances. In addition, yoga is a great way to restore balance and symmetry to your body, help you stand, and improve posture.

Improve joints mobility

Yoga strengthens joints allowing them to move more easily. It becomes a form of exercise for people with arthritis. Yoga poses are great for strengthening wrist joints. Some studies also show that yoga poses help strengthen the muscles in the legs and the tissues around the knee joints.

Yoga is a friend of your bones

Osteoporosis will make about half of women 50 years of age and older prone to fractures. Yoga is good for you as a way to build protective bone mass. Start doing the basics now to build bone mass before you hit menopause.

Reduce stress and improve morale

The main goal of Yoga is to develop body strength so that you can focus longer, and muscle relaxation exercises ensure that you will have a healthy body. Yoga movements force you to focus on the movements, you need to calm down, focus, thus helping to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Preserve beauty and youth

Yoga helps maintain beauty, keep the body firm, not sagging. The muscle bundles that are most susceptible to aging are the face, chest, abdomen and buttocks, yoga movements always force practitioners to perform difficult postures, do not miss any muscle part of the body, making muscles always healthy. movement, regeneration, thereby bringing elasticity to the skin, preserving firmness and brightness. Not having loose muscles or sagging will help the appearance to always look young and full of life.

Create flexibility for the body

Some women are afraid to practice yoga because they think that their body is not flexible enough to practice this subject. However, the reality is exactly the opposite. Practicing yoga does not require flexibility. However, if you exercise regularly, your body will become much more flexible. Specifically, some people shared that in the past, they found it difficult to touch their toes with their hands in a sitting posture. However, after a period of practicing yoga, they were able to do this easily.

Yoga reduces blood sugar levels

Another great yoga benefit that can’t be overlooked is that it helps lower blood sugar levels. The effects of yoga movements will help the body burn bad cholesterol (LDL), increase good cholesterol (HDL) and quickly reduce unnecessary sugar. Along with that, when people with diabetes practice yoga, it will help their body reduce sugar in many ways such as reducing Adrenaline, Cortisol or improving insulin sensitivity, effectively reducing complications. caused by diabetes.

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