Aaron Nguyen, a tattoo artist: “I have an odd obsession with Agarwood”

The story of Aaron Nguyen’s journey to pursue his passion for Agarwood intrigued many people.

DSC09376 scaledWhat inspires a tattoo artist who enjoys soaring thoughts to fall in love with Agarwood – which brings lightness and serenity into one ‘s life?

4Z8A2861 scaledIn the United States, there is a man of Vietnamese descent who has achieved a lot of success with Tattoo. As a free-spirited and liberal tattoo artist, he has an odd obsession with Agarwood, a hobby suitable for individuals seeking a peaceful, profound lifestyle. That man is Aaron Nguyen.

4Z8A2814 scaledAaron Nguyen was born and raised in Vietnam but rose to famous in the United States. After finishing high school, he came to the United States in 2000 and continued to graduate from the University of California. He gave up a secured career to pursue his Tattoo passion. Even though he has a university degree that many people desire, Aaron Nguyen wishes to devote his life to a particular love for Tattoo, a distinctive art form that has captivated him from his early days. With passion, Aaron Nguyen has been with Tattoo for 15 years.

4Z8A2627 scaledPursuing Tattoo, bearing a free-spirit and generosity, an artist’s sensitivity led Aaron Nguyen to find the beauty of Agarwood. Aaron Nguyen heard of Agarwood before, but he never expected to fall in love with it as much as he does now: “When “using” Agarwood, I appear to be immersed in a gentle fragrance that provides a sensation of relaxing and helps to forget the weariness. I really like how the color of agarwood changes over time; the more I wear it, the more exquisite it becomes”.

4Z8A2657 scaledSharing about Agarwood, Aaron Nguyen mentioned that he got the opportunity to meet with an Agarwood businesswoman. Following that event, he was introduced to many experts in the field of Agarwood research. The more Aaron Nguyen discovers, the more he understands “the true value and divinity of Agarwood.” Since then, his enthusiasm for Agarwood has also grown: “The more I study, the more passionate I am, the more I desire to share and introduce the magnificent qualities of Agarwood to everyone.”

DSC09185 scaledBefore being familiar with Agarwood, Aaron Nguyen was a successful Tattoo artist. This is also why many people are perplexed when an artist with a free and soaring soul can give love to Agarwood – which offers a deep and extremely peaceful sense in each person and their lives. Aaron Nguyen, on the other hand, has never considered Tattoo and Agarwood to be separate categories. He even affirmed that Agarwood contributed in initiating sublime moments for the creation of artistic Tattoo works: “Each Tattoo work is the product of a process of working from tens to hundreds of hours. To get precise ink lines, the artist must be patient rather than impatient. The pleasant fragrance of Agarwood will calm you, reduce stress, make you more attentive, and help you work more efficiently. Agarwood influences tattoo artists by making their work more sublimated”.

DSC09214 scaledAfter knowing Agarwood for a while, Aaron Nguyen claimed he could sense that his inner self is positively changing. He compared his soul to a thorny stone that has been honed and lost its sharpness in order to attain harmony in life. The temper of the personality leads to a calm and serene attitude when confronted with adversity. Thus, Aaron Nguyen’s life has also become more peaceful and comfortable. “Agarwood has brought me relaxation from the depths of my soul to my attitude towards life. Since being acquainted with Agarwood, I have noticed that my perspective on life has also become positive and optimistic”.

20201024 022034 scaledCurrently, Aaron Nguyen is following his dream of becoming an Agarwood “professional”. He not only spends time researching knowledge, but he also spends time searching for and collecting Agarwood. Whenever Aaron Nguyen heard about a great Agarwood product in the market or auction, he wanted to come view, gaze with veneration, and perhaps acquire. “When you are passionate with Agarwood and understand its value, you will want to own every product you see”, Aaron Nguyen explained.

DSC09271 scaledOn his journey of pursuing this passion, there was a memory at an Agarwood auction that Aaron Nguyen could never forget. With his extensive expertise, he recognized the uniqueness of Agarwood block at first sight. However, the product’s value is so tremendous that Aaron Nguyen hesitates to make a decision. As a result, he missed out on the opportunity to become the owner of this Agarwood block. This is also the first time Aaron Nguyen experiences the regret of those who “collect” Agarwood. Because it is generally difficult to find a second Agarwood block with same qualities if you miss out on the first. After the auction, Aaron Nguyen was upset and regretful for a long time.

20201108 143030 scaledAaron Nguyen is revealed to be the Marketing Director of the Huong Nguyen Agarwood Company. Through business activities, he cherishes the intention of bringing Agarwood’s divinity and genuine values to people all over the world. Aaron Nguyen feels confident in his ability to succeed on the chosen path, thanks to his passion of Agarwood and many years of expertise.


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