April Fools Day and everything you need to know about it

April 1st is recognized as April Fools Day. The United States celebrates April 1st by playing practical jokes on friends and family. On April 1st, it’s customary to pull practical pranks or hoaxes on other people while exclaiming “April Fools!” at the conclusion to reveal the target of the prank.

Why do we do this, and where did it start? Surprisingly, historians haven’t come to any firm conclusions. We’ll discuss the options below, but nonetheless, every spring we all don our pranking hats to plot the most cunning, evil, yet safe, and humorous pranks we can imagine, making this 24-hour period quite likely the most enjoyable, thrilling, and anxious day of the year!

The history of April Fools Day

According to some historians, April Fools’ Day first appeared in France in 1582, the year that country transitioned from using the Julian to the Gregorian calendars, as the Council of Trent had mandated in 1563. The spring equinox, which occurred around April 1st, marked the start of the new year in both the Julian and Hindu calendars.

April Fools Day’s pranks

Jokes and practical pranks are permitted in the UK up until noon on April 1. It’s considered unlucky to pull a prank after noon. Anybody who disregards guidelines and attempts a joke in the afternoon automatically becomes an April Fool.

April fools day
April Fools day is children favorite day because they can do anything they want

What sort of practical jokes are made then? Well, a straightforward illustration would be informing a buddy that their shoelaces are untied. They discover their shoelaces are fine when you yell, “April Fools!” as they lean over to tie them. There will always be someone who will find it funny, even if it’s not your type of comedy. Sending someone on a “fool’s errand” is a common practical joke in Ireland.

The victim is asked to deliver a letter that seems to request assistance. When the letter is delivered, the recipient opens it, reads it, and informs the poor messenger that they must deliver the message to another individual. As a result, the victim ends up delivering the message to a number of others until someone is sympathetic and reveals them what the letter actually says: “Send the idiot to someone else.”

April Fools Day
It’s a frequent prank to attempt to covertly attach a paper to a victim’s back.


The 1s April custom is referred to as the “April Fish” in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and French-speaking regions of Canada and Switzerland. It’s a frequent prank to attempt to covertly attach a paper fish to a victim’s back.

April Fools Day in the media

One of the old fashion pranks in the media in April Fools Day is when the fast-food restaurant giant Taco Bell declared in 1996 that it had agreed to buy Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell and intended to rename it the Taco Liberty Bell, it deceived the public.

Another one is on April 1st, Google is known for hosting a practical joke that has ranged from “telepathic search” to the ability to play Pac Man on Google Maps.

Last but not least, Burger King, an American fast food restaurant business, announced the creation of a left-handed hamburger on April 1st, 1998. According to the advertisement for the “new product,” all the components had been turned around by 180 degrees to make it easier for left-handed persons to pick up and consume. Burger King acknowledged that this advertising had been a hoax the next day, but claimed that thousands of people had visited its locations throughout the Nation to request a left-handed burger.

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