How to casually thrift

Here are a few of the reasons why you should casually thrift again.

Thrifting or thrift shopping as we might know has skyrocketed in recent years, whereas thrifting was seen in a different light back then. Now, people can even make a fortune by opening these services that cater to the status quo, and even independent resellers that thrift to resell these items on other online platforms can even cash in the current trend.

Some even make thrifting the focal point in their lives. While we do not shame them for what they do, it has now become a problem. Thrifting used to be a place where they provide a second chance for the people who cannot afford traditional pricing yet still have nice clothes at an affordable price. However, prices in thrift stores have gone up in recent years due to the people that have taken advantage of the system, and companies notice that they can also monetize the less fortunate as well. Thrift shopping can have its advantages, but when those advantages are misused, it can create a dilemma for the general public.

It seems like thrifting is now glamorized as a more affordable way to shop and profit. We need to learn how to make thrifting causal again, here’s how to do it.

1. Shop with intention

With fast fashion brands taking over the market with attractive prices and promotions rivaling the actual thrift shops, people are more compelled to spend their money on fast fashion. The trends and micro trends generated every day makes it harder to manage your money and practice mindfulness shopping. 

Thrifting causally can be difficult because we always have a more material goal in mind, we tend to buy the things on a whim instead of getting the stuff we need. Always remember to be mindful of what you purchase, set a goal about what you should spend, and act on it.

We would recommend you treat thrifting as shopping for groceries, you only get what you need and if they do not have what you want, work with the items you have on hand or leave and return at another time.

2. Avoid overconsumption 

It can get rather overwhelming when you make the transition between competitive thrifting and casually thrifting. We need to learn that not everything is a competition, and when an item isn’t meant to be in your shopping cart, you have to come to terms with it.

Avoid buying too much at once, or having the mindset of “saving it in case of an emergency” mostly because you would never touch or even give it a second glance when it goes in your closet.

Another thing to keep in mind is to accumulate your closet as well, divide your clothes into different piles and declutter your clothes when you need to, so you have a timeless closet that you can utilize at its fullest potential.

3. Have fun

Thrifting isn’t what it used to be anymore, we understand that thrift shopping can have a different meaning depending on each person. However, with many people making thrift shopping a competition, it’s getting harder for us to enjoy thrifting and see the fun in it.

There are many ways for you to enjoy thrifting without having profit in mind, you can create fun challenges with your friends while on your shopping trip and see who has the best outfit or who found the weirdest thing in the thrift store.

The sky is your limit, you just need to have the right mindset and the best kind of friends to have the best kind of adventure.


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