Is it necessary to control your weight for a healthy pregnancy?

When you’re pregnant, you need to provide the necessary nutrients for your baby to grow steadily. For those who are already overweight, it can be a weight dilemma for them. In either case, there are also some pregnant women who go on a diet or attempt to lose weight while pregnant. However, it is preferable to concentrate on eating the right foods and staying active. You and your baby may have problems if you do not control your weight during pregnancy.

What will happen if you don’t control your weight? 

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During pregnancy, many women look forward to satisfying their sweet tooth or eating comfort foods high in empty calories. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47 percent of American mothers gain too much weight during pregnancy. You think that you must eat for two during pregnancy, but this can lead to health issues for moms such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and heart problems. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy makes it even more difficult to lose weight after birth, increasing the risk of obesity at the start of a future pregnancy.


Moreover, it is also not good for your baby when you gain too much weight. Your baby’s shoulder can get stuck during delivery which would lead to shoulder dystocia for your baby. But it would be risky if your child gain less weight. Since babies born weighing less than five pounds and eight ounces may have difficulty breastfeeding, fighting infection, and meeting developmental milestones. 

What should you do to control your weight? 

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Sticking to pregnancy weight gain guidelines can be difficult, especially if you desire so many things in your pregnancy. However, controlling your weight during pregnancy is critical because it can help prevent unnecessary complications for both mother and baby. Here are some simple ways to avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy: eat balanced meals and healthy snacks, stay hydrated, choose complex carbohydrates over simple carbs, establish a regular exercise routine, and seek advice from your healthcare provider.

If you not pregnant yet? You can also control your weight to prepare for your future since maybe your weight affects your fertility. Check out here for more interesting information.

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